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CISP 111


Chapter One Willowbrook

March 6, 2014

Mike Nicholas, Instructor

Certificate of Authorship: By submitting this assignment I hereby certify that I am the author of this assignment. I understand that all coursework is governed by the University Academic Integrity Statement outlined in the DU catalog. I have not consulted or collaborated with anyone else outside of the Davenport University Online classroom environment. I understand that I may use reference material, but my submission should reflect my individual effort and any material utilized outside of the course textbook must be properly referenced and documented using APA format.

1. Prepare an organization chart of Willowbrook School’s paid staff.



2. List at least three business processes that Willowbrook School performs, and identify the person responsible for the task. • Payroll for teachers and teachers aids.—Kathy Gilliard • Monthly billing for tuition and after-care, records payments and handles bank deposits.-Susan Brown • Maintain all student records. – Susan Brown

3. How might Willowbrook use a transaction processing system, a user productivity system, and a business support system? Give an example for each system, and describe how it would benefit the school. • Transaction processing system- students must be pre-registered for after-care required on a daily basis, the school does offer “drop-in” care on an “as space allows” basis. This process will allow the school to instantly see if there is room in the “drop-in” care for the as space allows program. • User productivity system- Provide E-mails to parents and faculty for issues such as: the school calendar, handouts and reminders for parents and summer programs. This system would benefit the school…...

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