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What Is to Blame for Our Ecological Crisis?

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What is to blame for our ecological crisis?Estela Diferretti
Professor Atterton: Philosophy 332
Thesis Essay
June 1, 2013
What is to blame for our ecological crisis?
Today our environment is faced with constant ecologic disasters. It’s no wonder why so many academics try to search for causes, of how mankind has destroyed the environment so drastically in such a short amount of time. In the article “The Cultural Basis for Our Environmental Crisis”, author Lewis W. Moncrief presents a compelling counter argument to author Lynn White, Jr. article “The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis”. White’s claim: States Judeo-Christian traditions and technology are the sole cause for the environmental degradation that our world is currently facing. Moncrief’s claim: states Judeo-Christian traditions and technology are factors in the equation, but are not the only factors. Moncrief believes that democratization and capitalism are far greater pieces to the equation than just religion and technology. Religion and technology have vastly shaped our past and present society, but democratization and capitalism are greater factors to man’s exploitation of the earth resources and the environmental degradation. Throughout White’s essay he presents an argument stating that religion; specifically the Western Judeo-Christianity traditions and technology are the sole factors for the depletion of the earth resources and our domination mindset over the earth. White argument is broke down in several sections with the first stating: “All forms of life modify their contexts” (White, 1203). White used the description of a sea creature, the coral polyp. This sea organism has a significant impact on its natural environment. Another notable example was the Fire-drive Method, which men would burn the forest near ledges, so that the animals would fall to their deaths. This was an ancient…...

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