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What a Ceo Wants to Know

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What the CEO Wants You To Know
Using Your Business Acumen to Understand How Your Company Really Works

by Ram Charan

Copyright © 2001 by Ram Charan. Published by arrangement with Crown Business, a division of Random House, Inc.
144 pages

Leadership & Mgt. Strategy Sales & Marketing Finance Human Resources IT, Production & Logistics Career Development Small Business Economics & Politics Industries Regions Concepts & Trends

• Develop your "business acumen" by learning the essential forces that drive business. • The core of any business consists of customers, “cash generation, return on assets and growth.” • To prosper, your company must grow. Be sure it grows wisely. • Expanding sales must be accompanied by increases in other critical financial metrics. Otherwise, growth can cause bankruptcy. • Accompany growth with solid cash flow, steady speed and sensible margins. • Set no more than five clear priorities so the organization can focus. • Everyone from the sales force to the mailroom should understand cash flow. • Know your customers firsthand; don't rely on polls and surveys. • Seek employees who fit your culture and enable them to execute. Provide practical coaching and useful, specific feedback. • See the total picture. Understand all the forces at play and how they interrelate.


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