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Many may remember holding the belief, during their childhood, that frogs and toads are vile creatures due to the fact they are told to inflict warts. Although some old-wives tales have been proven to be true, the one concerning the blistery growth on skin and the oblivious amphibians is pure fib. Nevertheless, warts still find a way to employ themselves on people whether they frame frogs and toads or not. Warts, although harmless and even unnoticeable in its simplest permutation, are sometimes massively irritating. They are indubitably disgusting, can be agitating in our daily lives, and even drive a decently appearance-conscious individual frenetic. In extreme cases, warts can cover a vast area of a person’s body and can even limit a myriad of actions like sleeping on your back or leaning on a chair. There are many types of warts, such as Common Warts, which are common on hands but can grow anywhere on the body; Flat Warts, which are basically flattened warts; Genital Warts, which are warts that grow on the genitalia; and Plantar Warts, which are hard and sometimes painful lumps usually found on feet. Unless you’re a misled child or an unenlightened adult, you would adhere to the fact that warts are caused by a viral infection specifically by many types of human papilloma virus, or HPV for short. This virus family usually affects only the skin or mucous membranes and most types do not even cause symptoms. In severe cases, some types are known to cause cancer. Obviously, no sane person would desire to possess warts unless he or she is dead serious about costuming as a witch or is beholden to some reason as silly and absurd as that. Luckily, warts can be treated. The typical treatment is through the use of Salicylic Acid. It is done by cleaning the area, applying the acid, and using a pumice stone or emery board to remove the dead skin. The removal of warts…...

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...sometimes cause changes in a Pap smear * Does not progress to cancer * Can cause genital warts * Strain 6 and Strain 11 cause 90% of genital warts * High-Risk HPV * Can cause cervical cancer * Strain 16 and Strain 18 are believed to cause around 70% of cervical cancer * Could have no symptoms * Transmission * Transmitted through vaginal, anal or oral intercourse * Sometimes transmitted through sexual contact without intercourse * Very rarely a pregnant woman can pass HPV to her child during vaginal delivery. Resulting in warts on the voice box. * Prevention * HPV Vaccine * Only for women * can prevent the most common types of genital HPV * Only fully effective if the person has never been exposed to HPV * Condoms * Abstinence * Symptoms * Most of the time HPV has no symptoms * In women, the best test for HPV is a pap smear * In men, there is no test for HPV. HPV is usually only detected when genital warts are present. * Treatment * Most cases do not need any treatment. The body will naturally fight the virus on its own * If genital warts are present, they can be removed many different ways: * Chemicals * Freezing * Electrically being burned off * Surgery or lasers * If the warts return repeatedly, the doctor my inject them with the drug interferon *......

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... vaginal, anal, oral sex and genital to genital contract. These types of HPV can also affect the mouth and throat. Warts in the throat is a condition referred to recurrent respiratory papillomatosis( RRP). According to WebMD (2005-2013), “men are three times more likely than women to develop head, and neck cancers caused by HPV” (para. 2). In recent day’s actor Michael Douglas discussed in an interview that his recent battle with throat cancer was caused by oral sex. According to The Huffington Post (2013), the actor stated "Without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV, which actually comes about from cunnilingus," (para. 4). Some of the other body parts affected by HPV include the hands and feet, common planters’ warts and hand warts appear. The HPV warts are described as “cauliflower” like lumps, their appearance varies. Some of the warts can be flat, flesh colored, small and hard to see or some look bumpy. The types of HPV that cause genital warts are known as “low-risk” types of HPV. In women low risk HPV types can cause warts in the inside and around the outside of the vagina, on the vulva (which is the better known as the “lips” the opening of the vagina), cervix or the groin area and in or around the anus. (WebMD, 2005-2013). Men are affected in the same manner, with “low-risk” HPV. Men’s genitalia are affected; warts grow on the penis, on the scrotum, thighs, groin, and in or around the anus. High risk HPV is referring to types......

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...genital warts can also be the reservoir for the virus since HPV can be present on the skin. Existing research also points to the fact that HPV can also be found in the male urogenital tract as the reservoir (Burchell, Winer, de Sanjosé and Franco, 2006). 2. Route of Infection Sexual activities are the most common cause of HPV infection and lead to genital warts between sexual partners. Sexual intercourse that can result in individuals being infected with genital HPV includes those that lead to contact with both vaginal and anal areas. Receptive anal sex is highly linked with the detection of HPV in the anal canal for men who are either homosexual or bisexual men. The detection of HPV in the anal canal of women is mostly associated with the viral shedding of vaginal or cervical HPV infections in discharge from the vagina (Burchell, Winer, de Sanjosé and Franco, 2006). Other less common route of infection includes oral infection due to contact with infected genitals and mother to infant during vaginal delivery, 3. Steps of infection Steps of infection for HPV include conduct with infected genital or skin. Sexual contact that leads to infection involves areas such as the penile, anal, cervical, vagina, and vulva. Genital warts develop with four to six weeks of contact. The next stage is the persistence of the HPV infection. The body immunity deal with most types of HPV viruses, but there are those that persist. Persistence leads to progression to precancerous lesions as......

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How Protect Yourself from Hpv the US, and one of the ones that does not have a cure, however; HPV often clears on its own, in case it does not, and there are treatments options. E. Things you need to know about HPV. What they are and their symptoms? What causes them? How to protect yourself from acquiring HPV? And what are the consequences if you don’t protect yourself? Transition***The first among of these points is what Human Papillomavirus is and what the symptoms are. II. Body A. We all know that around 80% of sexually active man and women will contract the HPV virus at some point during their lifetime. 1. HPV is infection that benign causing warts on areas of the body including the hands, feet and genitals, there are certain strains that put a person at a higher risk of developing certain types of cancers. a. When genital warts become present, they may appear as a small bump, cluster of bumps or stem-like protrusions. b. They can range in size and appearance and be large, small, and flat or cauliflower shaped and may be white or flesh tone. c. When HPV has contributed to the development of cancer, a person may become symptomatic of the cancer itself in the later stages of the disease. These cancers include cancer of the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, anus, and oropharynx. 2. There are hundred different kinds of HPV and not all of them cause health problems. a. Two of the most High-Risk types of HPV are types 16 and 18 which are marked because......

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...allergy. • Potassium hydroxide test (KOH): helps to identify fungal skin infection 5|Page • Gram stain and culture with sensitivity test: helps to identify the organism responsible for an underlying infection with the effective drug identification • Slit Skin Smear (SSS): to identify the causative agent of leprosy (mycobacterium leprea) DISORDERS OF THE SKIN I . Inflammatory and allergic skin disorders – Acne – Psoriasis – Atopic dermatitis (eczema) – Contact dermatitis II. Bacterial infections – Impetigo – Boil (furuncle) – Carbuncle – Cellilitis III. Fungal infections – Dermatophytes IV. Parasitic Infections – Scabies V. Viral infections – Herpes simplex (cold - sore) – Herpes zoster (shingles) – Warts Inflammatory and allergic condition A. Eczema/Dermatitis • It is a chronic pruritic inflammatory disorder affecting the epidermis, and dermis commencing in infancy, often persisting throughout child hood but eventually remitting and sometimes recurring in adult life. • They are a non-infectious inflammation of the skin and it can be acute, sub-acute or chronic. • Causes : o The exact cause is unknown o Imbalance of the immune system with an increase in the immunoglobulin “E” activity and deficient of cell mediated delayed hypersensitivity. o Can be exacerbated by infection, bites, pollen, wool, silk, fur, ointments, detergents, perfume, certain foods, temperature extremes, humidity, sweating and......

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...what forms genital warts may present themselves in and where to look for them. There are four types of warts associated with HPV. Condylomata acuminata may look like cauliflower in appearance. Smooth papules are dome shaped and skin colored. Flat papules, slightly raised flesh colored and usually found in the cervix. Keratotic warts are thick, spiky layer that resemble seborrheic keratosis and other common warts. The public health nurse can identify these abnormalities. The final diagnosis is made by colposcopy that is indicated by abnormal PAP test findings and biopsy, which is indicated by visible lesions on the cervix or abnormal colposcopy findings.(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015) “Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a small, non-enveloped deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) virus that infects skin or mucosal cells.” (World Health Organization, n.d., p. 1). Using the epidemiological triangle, the external agent (what) is human papillomavirus is carried by the host (who), the infected person. The infected person transmits the infection via the environment (where) in this case it is contact of any two of these physical parts, any contact with any part of the skin, anus, mouth, throat, vagina, cervix, or penis. Humans are the only species that will contract and spread HPV. HPV is divided into two types of infection. The first type, low-risk infections, do not have the capacity to cause cancer. Low-risk types, however, can cause genital warts and......

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...Cause Cause Genital warts Genital warts Conifer House Hull; Number: 01482 336336 Address: 32-36 Prospect Street, Hull, North Humberside, HU2 8PX Conifer House Hull; Number: 01482 336336 Address: 32-36 Prospect Street, Hull, North Humberside, HU2 8PX Applying a cream, lotion or chemical to the warts (topical treatment). Destroying the tissue of the warts by freezing, heating or removing them (physical ablation). Applying a cream, lotion or chemical to the warts (topical treatment). Destroying the tissue of the warts by freezing, heating or removing them (physical ablation). Treatment Treatment You might see or feel genital warts in your vagina or on your vulva, cervix, penis, anus, or urethra. It is also possible — but not very likely — to have them in your mouth, on the lips, tongue, and palate, or in the throat. Genital warts usually develop 6 weeks to 6 months after infection. You might see or feel genital warts in your vagina or on your vulva, cervix, penis, anus, or urethra. It is also possible — but not very likely — to have them in your mouth, on the lips, tongue, and palate, or in the throat. Genital warts usually develop 6 weeks to 6 months after infection. Symptoms Symptoms They are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) which can be passed on during sexual contact. Not everyone who has the virus develops genital warts. They are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) which can be passed on during sexual contact. Not......

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...(HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection that affects both male and female. Low-risk HPVs, which do not cause cancer but can, cause skin warts technically known as condylomata acuminata on or around the genitals, anus, mouth, or throat. High-risk HPVs can cause cancer. About over a dozen high-risk HPV types have been identified. Throughout years of research scientists, doctor, and medical staff have discovered what HPV is, how one contracts the virus, the symptoms or lack of symptoms, treatment and prevention for HPV. Contracting HPV People can contract HPV from skin to skin contact. Many people can get it from direct sexual contact or oral sex. It is recommended by the CDC that preteen boys and girls at 11 or 12 are have sex with someone who is infected. It's possible for a mother with an HPV infection to transmit the virus to her infant during delivery. This exposure may cause HPV infection in the baby's genitals or upper respiratory system. Sign and Symptoms of HPV Most people with HPV do not know they are infected and don’t develop symptoms or have health cause any health problems, but when HPV does not go away, it can cause problems like genital warts and cancer. Genital warts usually appear as a small bump or groups of bumps in the genital area. like a cauliflower. A healthcare provider can usually diagnose warts by looking at the genital area. Cervical cancer usually does not have symptoms until it is quite advanced, very serious and hard to treat. For......

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...papillomavirus (hpv)," 2012). You are more likely to get HPV if you have sex at an early age, many sex partners or a sex partner who has had many partners ("Hpv (human papillomavirus)," 2011). What are some signs and symptoms of HPV? There are over 100 different kinds of HPV and not all of them cause health problems. Some kinds of HPV may cause problems like genital warts and abnormal cells in the cervix. They may also cause cancer of the cervix, vagina, vulva, or anus. Most of these problems are caused by types 6, 11, 16 or 18. In many cases genital warts do not cause any symptoms, but they are sometimes associated with itching, burning, or tenderness. They may result in localized irritation, depending upon their anatomic location. Women who have genital warts inside the vagina may experience bleeding following sexual intercourse or an abnormal vaginal discharge. Rarely, bleeding or urinary obstruction may occur if the wart involves the urethral opening. There are many treatment choices for genital warts. But even after the warts are treated, the virus might still be there and may be passed on to others. If genital warts are not treated they may go away, stay the same, or increase in size or number, but they will not turn into cancer. Cancer of the cervix is cancer that begins in the cervix, the part of the womb that opens to the vagina. HPV is spread through sex, and it can cause an infection in the cervix. The infection usually does not last very long because your......

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...genital warts. The human papilloma virus causes genital warts. The virus causes wart-like bumps that form on the penis, and around the vagina, on the cervix, and around the anus. The virus is passed by skin-to-skin contact between people during anal, vaginal, and oral sex. You can even pass the virus to your sexual partner when you don't have warts that you can see. (DPH) Like chlamydia, not all with the genital wart virus have signs of disease. Sometimes special tests are needed to detect the wart virus. For most people with genital warts it is only a bother, and they can be treated if you want. If a woman has warts on her cervix it can be a problem. It could cause her to have a pap smear that is not normal and could lead to cancer. For this reason, women with warts on the cervix should have a pap smear test every six months. Men and women who have warts on the anus should have an exam every year. If you have genital warts you should see a physician, have your sex partner seen and treated by a physician. There is only about one form of treatment for people with genital warts. The first is to have a physician put a cold liquid chemical on the warts to remove them. This type of treatment may require you to come back more than once to have the wart totally removed. However, even after treatment the warts may return. This is because the virus stays in your skin once you are infected. (DPH) To avoid getting genital warts you should check yourself often. If you have warts......

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