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customers in the United States. What are the ultimate objectives of sales forecasting ?
1. Nokia manufactures low budget mobile handsets, costing below RS. 3500 in Chennai manufacturing plant, located at Sriperumbudur, Chennai and then it transfers to Nokia’s mother depot which is located in Gurgaon. Other multimedia and smart phones of Nokia costing Rs 3500 & above are manufactured at other Nokia plants but the mobile handsets shipped to India are from two plants located at China, one at Beijing and the other at Dongguan.
Task 2 What are the reasons for the global leadership of Nokia in mobile phones? Identify the major aspects of targeting and positioning of Nokia.
1) Nokia is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones with a market share of 36 per cent. It is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones which has produced mobile phones for major market and protocols. Nokia has manufacturing unit and Research and Development in many countries. And, it is the best and the largest Finnish company which accounts half of the market capitalisation of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Nokia's success can be acclaimed to its premier range of products. It has imparted best technology to the mobile phone users and has met their expectations to a larger extent. That is why people use Nokia mobile phones because they have trust on this brand name.

The N series by the Nokia has produced some of the best handsets in the recent times. The Nokia N95 is considered as a wonder gadget and it is the best equipped mainstream handset in the entire mobile phone industry. It incorporates a 5 mega pixel camera, GPS navigation system, HSDPA (3.5G) technology, inbuilt Wi-Fi and many other striking features.

In addition to the N-series, the other series like the E-series, x-press music series, L'Amour series has also made a great impact in the entire mobile phone industry.…...

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