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Lungcay, Russel C. April 8, 2016
Case Study Questions 1. What are the inputs, processing and outputs of UPS’s package tracking system?

First, the inputs are the data needed or gathered like customer signature, pickup, delivery, time-card data, current location (while en route), and billing and customer clearance documentation. Then the processing is when the data is transmitted to the central computer and store for the retrieval and the data is organized when the data is transmitted to the processing. And lastly the output this is when the package or files are ready to pickup and delivery times, location while en route, and package recipient. The outputs also include various reports, such as all packages for a specific account or a specific driver or route, as well as summary reports for management

2. What technologies are used by UPS? How are these technologies related to UPS’s business strategy? * Computer Center (Data Center) – This is the one that handles the processing and all of the global data process that is feed into the tracking system. * Bar-coding technology - goes with their strategy in delivering packages at the fastest possible time. * Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD) - The DIAD also supported their business strategy of streamlining their business operations to provide best service to the customers. * A Web-based Post Order Management System - Management of other businesses supply chain with its own Global delivery network technology. * UPS’s Wide Area Network and Internet - helped in connect all their offices globally to connect to the centralized Data Center using Internet so that they can update the tracking system with live information and data for customers to also view in real time. 3. What…...

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