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You are the president and chief executive officer of a family

owned manufacturing firm with assets of $45 million. The company

articles of incorporation and state laws place no restrictions on the

sale of stock to outsiders. An unexpected opportunity to expand

arises that will require an additional investment of $14 million. A

commitment must be made quickly if this opportunity is to be taken.

Existing stockholders are not in a position to provide the additional

investment. You wish to maintain family control of the firm regard-

less of which form of financing you might undertake. As a first step,

you decide to contact an investment banking firm.

a.What considerations might be important in the selection of

an investment banking firm?

b.A member of your board has asked if you have considered

competitive bids for the distribution of your securities

compared with a negotiated contract with a particular firm.

What factors are involved in this decision?

c. Assuming that you have decided upon a negotiated contract,

what are the first questions that you would ask of the firm

chosen to represent you?

d.As the investment banker, what would be your first actions

before offering advice?

e. Assuming the investment banking firm is willing to distrib-

ute your securities, describe the alternative plans that might

be included in a contract with the banking firm.

f. How does the investment banking firm establish a selling


g.How might the investment banking firm protect itself against a drop in the price of the security during the selling process?

h. What follow-up services will be provided by the banking firm following a successful distribution of the securities?

i. Three years later, as an individual investor, you decide to add to your won holding of the security but only at a price that you conmsider…...

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