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Task - Linked to P2 * Pick two stakeholders from each organization.

* For each stakeholder explain how they have influenced your two chosen organizations aims and objectives. Use real examples when explaining your points.

Write the aims of QK, then the objectives (how QK achieves this) then how the stakeholders affect the aim.
QK – aims

Aim: Get the best results for each student.
Objectives: To have good teachers, to give extra support to the students, to provide resources like books, computers/equipment and also to provide access to the internet so the students can research and do the tasks given.
Teachers: to achieve the aim the teachers have to follow the curriculum and make sure it is the correct curriculum, they have to give support to the students, they have to mark the student’s work and give them feedback, to have a positive environment this means to teach in a good mood way, reward and punish whether the students do their homework or not.
Students: The students to get the best results possible they need to work hard, they need to organise and achieve the target grade, they need to attend school and be punctual, and they need to come to class with equipment.
Government: To achieve the aim the government has to provide the school money so the school will get the equipment needed and the teachers will get paid so they will deliver the proper education to the students.

Aim: Make the school a safe environment for students
Objective: provide advice for the students and to make sure that everyone follows the rules.
Teachers: Teachers influence by making sure that they give the students advice on how they have to behave in the learning area.
Students: The students need to behave on a good way and they have to follow the instructions given by the superiors.
Government: The government sends police to the…...

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