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Understanding the Factors Affecting the Unemployment Rate Through Regression Analysis

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Understanding the Factors Affecting
The Unemployment Rate Through
Regression Analysis
An Individual Report
Presented to
The Faculty of Economics Department

In Partial Fulfillment
To The Requirements for

Submitted to:
Dr. Cesar Rufino

Submitted by:
Aaron John Dee

April 8, 2011




A. Background of the Study


B. Statement of the Problem


C. Objective






B. Average Years in School


C. Population


D. Literacy Rate




A. Model Specification


B. List and Description of Variables


C. A-priori Expectations






A. Regression of the Original Model



B. Summary Statistics


C. Testing for Misspecification in the Model


D. Testing for Multicollinearity


E. Testing for Heteroscedasticity







A. Background of the Study
When we were still kids, we dream of what we want to be in the future. Older people will usually ask us if what we want to be in the future. Most of us will say, they want to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer to name some. We think and think about our career, but once we are already in the college level, we now dream to become successful in life and have a stable job.
But with the rate of unemployment here in country continue to increase, there are no guarantee that once we graduated we will have a job immediately. Unfortunately, many still fail to have stable jobs. Some even can’t find a job even though they graduated from top schools. Then we found ourselves ending in the pool of unemployment.
Unemployment is indeed a…...

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