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Uk Air Passenger Duty

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The British Treasury will increase the tax from April this year by eight percent, which increases the cost of travel and causes fewer benefits to people in a moment of global economic crisis.

The Air Passenger Duty (APD) is considered as a real obstacle for the growth of so-called "smokeless industry" in this geographical area extremely vulnerable to financial problems that shakes the world.

According to the general secretary of the Caribbean Association of Hotels and Tourism, Alec Sanguinetti, in 2007, 1,373,600 tourists traveled to the region from the UK. And in 2010, the number fell to 1,103,400 tourists. Also, the number of Caribbean residents trips into the European nation to their home countries decreased by almost 20 percent due to the tax mentioned previously.

The figures presented in January (2012) at the Caribbean Travel Marketplace, based in Bahamas showed that Caribbean has lost about 270 000 tourists in three years as a result of the same cause.

Furthermore, other data show a decline by 16 percent over the last five years the number of arrivals from the United Kingdom, which still has influence in some nations and several Caribbean territories.

At the moment, the damaged region belongs to the C band of the four bands which has the APD. This level refers to the distance between both destinations from 4,001 miles to 6,000 miles from London.

Afterwards, here are some details about the new tax:

- With a current charge of £ 150 per passenger in first class, who are interested in traveling to the Caribbean from next April will be charged 12 pounds more.

- Those people who are going to travel now in the most economical class, they are disbursing £ 75 but in three months, that amount will reach 83 pounds per ticket.

However, Caribbean governments had notified their disappointment with this decision, because…...

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