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Training Needs Assessment Paper

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Training Needs Assessment for Chicago Transit Authority
Tammi Adams

Table of Contents
Executive Summary___________________________________________________ 3
Background of CTA___________________________________________________ 4
Needs Assessment Design, Implementation and Analysis_____________________5
Recommended Training Strategy and Design______________________________6
Cost/Benefit Analysis__________________________________________________ 8
Training Evaluation Plan_______________________________________________9

Executive Summary We here at CTA are committed to providing quality and safe service to our customers which is why we are committed in making sure that all qualified individuals are trained to the highest standard. This training needs assessment is focused on the bus operators of the CTA since they are the public face of the agency. Before any training can begin individuals have to go through series of test to see if a individual is qualified. Once a person is qualified and hired they will start a 4 week training class with qualified CTA instructors. This 4 week training class will consist of classroom work and on- the- road techniques. Once the training has ended the trainee will take a 100 question exam to see how much they have learned though out the training course. In order to the successfully pass the training course the trainee will have to pass at least 80% of the exam. If a trainee has failed to pass the exam they will be given a second chance, but if they fail again, potential employment at CTA will be terminated. After a trainee has successfully passed the training course they will be known as a professional bus operator and will start working on their own. Once the bus operator starts working an instructor will come out at random to…...

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