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Trade Agreement

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Week 2: The Birth of Baby Jesus


Animal Charades: On slips of paper write down different animal names, put in a bag and play charades!

Farm Animal Bingo: Play bingo with farm animal bingo card.

Bible Story:

The land where Mary and Joseph lived was part of the great Roman Empire. At the time when Mary as expecting her baby, the emperor Augustus ordered that all people under his rule go and register their names with his officials. By this means hw would discover the precise number of people whom he could demand taxes—the money he needed for armies, conquests and a rich, luxurious lifestyle. The order said that everyone must go to the town from which their family came. So it was that Joseph went from Nazareth in Galilee to Bethlehem in Judea, for this was the birthplace of his ancestors and of the King David. Mary traveled with him. The journey was long and very tiring for her baby was soon to be born but reaching their destination brought no comfort, for all the rooms in the little town for traveler were full. Mary grew anxious. “I know that the baby will soon be born,” she cried. “We must find somewhere for me to lie down.” In desperation, the two sough shelter in a stable. There, the baby was born—a son, just as the angel had said.

Mary wrapped her baby tenderly in a soft blanket held in place with swaddling clothes, and she cradled him in a manger.

Craft: Create a paper mache nativity…...

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