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The advantages and disadvantages of playing computer games
Nowadays, computer gaming are more and more famous in this era.Computer games is computer graphic animation that attract many people and starting to addicted. Kids, teenager and adults are also involved in the gaming field. There is many types of computer games, some is used for education purpose, some is used for leisure while some may lead to violence. There are advantages and disadvantages of playing computer games.
Advantages I. Better thinking and obey. A. Playing video games have shown to have positive effects. It is no wonder why, because the majority of games require players to follow rules, think tactically, make fast decisions and fulfill numerous objectives to win. B. Able to easily follow and catch up the rules and regulation in real life due to the well practice of following and obey of the particular game’s rules.

II. A remedy for intense pain and stress. A. High focus in games will eventually make us relax ourselves and in result we hardly to feel any pains such as head-ache, stomach-ache and others. B. Besides intense pain, it is also a best natural of remedy for us to relax stress, stabilize and calm our mind through playing games. C. Distracting patients and keeping anxiety at a minimum, may lead to much more smoothly and be much less painful or stress for the patients.

III. Imagination and estimation boost. A. Improve imagination of person, that actually boost up our creativity. Therefore, ideas are keep flowing in our mindset. B. Improve our estimation, for example assigning task or achieving certain objective in the time limitation. C. Lead us to thinking in completely new and different ideas.

IV. Problem solving skills. A. Improving problem solving skills and time management by playing computer games due to the games difficulty. B. Players are given a set of rules to follow and must figure out the best strategy for achieving the goals set in the particular games.

V. Better communication and teamwork. A. Better teamwork with other mates in doing certain activities. B. Improve communication and relationship between friends and mates. C. Improve communication skills and improve our co-operations between each other.
I. Breaks from Reality. A. Lack of balance between truth and fantasy could have a negative effect on future generations. B. Cannot compare which is reality and which is fantasy.

II. Waste time. A. Spend too much time on playing computer games and left out important job like studies and doing homework. B. It causes students does not handle the time properly and as a result time flow by quickly while we still didn’t notice about it. C. Playing computer games non-stop and causes unhealthy lifestyle such as skipping classes, meals, late sleeping and others.

III. Spoil our eyesight. A. Stare at the computer screens for long times. B. Without resting the eyes for long periods of time. C. It causes short sight because didn’t take care of our eyes properly.

IV. Wasting of money. A. Waste too much of money on buying computer games that are very costly. B. Wasting money on buying credits for certain computer games. C. Waste a lot of money on upgrading or buying new computers just to play some high specification requirements games.

V. More aggressive thoughts among the youths. A. Too much negative thought taught to the youths through playing computer games and in result they become more aggressive. B. Aggressive thoughts may lead to youth abuses due to the violence of particular unethical games such as Grand Theft Auto, Counter Strike and others. C. The youth may result in act of sexual harassment due to negative effects by certain unhealthy computer games.

In conclusion, better thinking and obey , a remedy for intense pain and stress , imagination and estimation boost , problem solving skills , better communication and teamwork are the advantages of playing computer games. Computer games bring advantages if we manage it properly. But if we didn’t use it wisely then there are a lot of disadvantages. The disadvantages of playing computer games is Breaks from Reality ,Waste time , spoil our eyesight , wasting of money , more aggressive thoughts among the youths. Therefore , don’t play too much computer games and try to manage ourselves when playing computer games that contains violence.

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