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Tin Flute

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Throughout history, human kind has always tried to find a way to escape from reality. They thought that facing the tough periods of life is unbearable. However, by creating fiction stories, people have found a way to transform the “reality”. Writing fiction, transformed the unbearable reality to something which is more acceptable. In Tin Flute, Gabrielle Roy has perfectly managed to combine fact and imagination by introducing familial survivor of the working class district in Montreal. In the novel, the relationship between fact and fiction was perfectly balanced. Roy was significantly successful in describing the particular war period, by concentrating only on one family. It may be a controversial choice to focus on just one family while describing the history; it could be restrictive. However, it may be considered as if Roy was trying to make the novel more intimate for the readers. This makes the novel much interesting than a historical book.
Tin Flute is a crucial piece of work for Canadian fiction. Although the characters were imaginary, the novel portrays the working class family living in Montreal slums realistically. Roy’s use of verisimilitude could be considered as the most fascinating aspect of the novel. The descriptions of the family’s daily life problems push readers to relate to the main character’s emotions and to develop empathy for them. Roy’s each imaginary character reflects an ongoing issue in that period of time such as poverty, war, solitude and despair. This way, the author got the chance to touch on several different…...

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