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Boeing Commercial Aircraft: Comeback?
Week 1 Case Analysis
Matt Craig
There are a few ways that Boeing and Airbus can cooperate. They cannot cooperate with each other on design and other aspects that one company uses to stand out from the other but when it can offer an equal benefit for both companies. For example they may want to both look into lobbying together since they both will receive the same advantages and disadvantages from legislation that will be passed or repealed. Whether legislation affects fuel mileage or a safety measure, they both have to abide by the laws. They would either both have to lobby separately and spend more money than if they came together and lobbied together. They also have to do this all over the world since different governments can make different laws that affect Boeing and Airbus.
Another area that both Boeing and Airbus can cooperate on is using alternative fuels like bio fuels that may cost less or be more efficient. This would have to be wide spread for both companies since they would need this fuel to be offered at airports. If they come up with a new type of fuel that can make plans run better both companies get the benefit of have more fuel efficient planes or at least it will cost less for them to fuel a plane up.
The third way that both Boeing and Airbus can work together is on safety. They can both improve safety for the entire industry. This benefits both companies since no one wants to see a plane crash. When the planes are safer then the public has more confidence in them and will be more likely to fly. With more people flying that means more airplanes are needed so Boeing and Airbus will have more orders. B) "Perform the five forces analysis of competitive pressures for the Airline Industry”

When looking at the airline industry you look to see what the risk of entry by potential competitors, you…...

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