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Mechanical advantage
To calculate the mechanical advantage of a pulley you simply have to count the number of rope sections that support whatever object you are lifting (not counting the rope that is attached to the effort). For example, in a one pulley system the MA is 1. In a two pulley system the MA is 2. The more compound the pulley is the easier the load is to lift. If you were lifting a 600kg object with 2 pulleys you would have to use enough effort to pull 300kg to lift the 600kg object, Therefore your mechanical advantage would be 2. As well as the required input force decreasing by ½ with every added pulley, the length of the rope or cable pulled out by the effort force also doubles with every increase in mechanical advantage due to the longer rope or cable required to wrap around each tension relieving and therefore MA increasing pulley. In a single movable pulley there is only one pulley but two segments of rope support it making it so the mechanical advantage is 2. 1. Single fixed pulley: MA of 1
B) Success
C) Test- 500g weight: input force: 500g Output force: 500g Length pulled: 1m Height lifted: 1m Test- 1000g weight: input force: 1000g Output force: 1000g Length Pulled: 2m Height Lifted: 2m Test- Zach: input force: 90 lbs Output force: 90 lbs Length Pulled: 6m Height Lifted: 6m

2. One fixed and one Moveable Pulley: MA of 2 A) B) Success C) Test- 500g weight: input force: 250g Output force: 500g
Length Pulled: 2m Height lifted: 1m
Test- 1000g weight: input force: 500g Output force: 1000g
Length Pulled : 4m Height lifted: 2m
Test- Zach: input force: 45 lbs Output force: 90 lbs
Length pulled: 12m Height lifted: 6m

3. Two fixed and Two moveable pulleys: MA of 4
A) B) success
C) Test- 500g weight: input force: 125g Output force: 500g Length pulled: 4m Height lifted: 1m Test- 1000g weight: input force:250g Output force: 1000g Length pulled: 8m Height lifted: 2m Test- Zach: input force: 22.5 lbs Output force: 90 lbs Length pulled: 24m Height lifted: 6m
4. Single Moveable pulley: MA of 2
A) B) success C) Test- 500g weight: input force: 250g Output force: 500g Length Pulled: 2m Height lifted: 1m Test- 1000g weight: input force: 500g Output force: 1000gLength Pulled : 4m Height lifted: 2m Test- Zach: input force: 45 lbs Output force: 90 lbs Length pulled: 12m Height lifted: 6m

Please answer 2 of these questions: 1. The force required to raise a load changes when the numbers of pulleys is changed because that will either give more or take away rope segments that even out the weight of the load allowing someone to use less force on a longer rope through the law of energy conservation so when more pulleys are added, the more rope segments are supporting the weight of the load allowing someone to use less force for longer expending the same amount of energy but making it easier for someone to lift. When they are taken away there are less rope segments supporting the loads weight meaning to lift it takes not as much rope but more force

2. While having a mechanical advantage of eight will make a load significantly easier to lift one of the drawbacks are that it takes eight times as much rope or cable to lift the load the same height. For example, if you had an eight pulley compound system to lift a 2,000 lb piano ten feet off the ground it would only require 250 lbs of effort but also 80 feet of rope just to get a mechanical advantage of 8.0 making the extensive amount of rope required a drawback to an eight pulley system…...

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