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The Rising Tide of Monetary Unions

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Accession into a monetary union has implications that reach far below the surface of the requirements outlined by a simple agreement or membership criteria. While there are undeniable benefits to some member states, great sacrifices must be made before, during, and after the integration process which eventually render a nation powerless over its monetary policy. Currently, every European nation is faced with the question of whether to join European Monetary Union; however, the eagerness with which new member states join is paralleled by the resistance of several holdouts to adoption of the common currency. With the unprecedented growth rate of the Euro-zone over the past decade and the number of nations currently making the required policy adjustments, core members need to be aware of the motivating factors fueling the growth in the number of new member states. The European Union is experiencing an adverse selection scenario in which nations seeking increased stability are willing to make the sacrifices that membership entails while the redistributive effect of wealth from existing to new relatively poorer member states is an implicit benefit of the current system.
When Paul Henri Spaak of Belgium, Christian Pineau of France, Joseph Luns of the Netherlands, Antonion Segni from Italy, Joseph Bech from Luxemburg, and Konrad Adenauer from the Republic of Germany signed the Treaty of Rome in 1957 creating the European Economic Community(EEC), their long-term objective was the creation of a union bound by political integration with a market between members free from traditional barriers to trade. It was not until the late 1970’s the formal movement towards the monetary integration which led to the establishment of the European Currency Unit began to gain traction within the Union which had grown to include the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark. In December of…...

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