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The Re-Integration of Ex-Convicts Back Into Society.

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Yesterday Mr. Andrew Cooper, a well-respected speaker, was in Hamilton. He was there to give a speech to raise awareness about ex-convicts at an event organized for the various stakeholders in Hamilton. It took place in the Town hall. The event started at 10AM and lasted for 4 hours. Mr. Cooper was invited to come and give a speech to raise awareness about the difficulties ex-convicts face and how hard it was for them to re-integrate into society. The reason for his invitation to speak on the aforementioned topic was because it had been noticed that most employers had been discriminating against ex-convicts whose criminal records had not been expunged. It was widely believed, before Mr. Cooper gave his speech, that things were going to change in the employment sector. Mr. Cooper has gained accolades from all over the country for his work in helping ex-convicts. He has been known to do this by going from city to city and giving speeches about the good virtues of ex-convicts. Mr. Cooper arrived Hamilton by 9:30AM and went straight to the Town hall to begin preparing for his speech. Mr. Cooper was met with thunderous applause as he got on the podium. Mr. Cooper started off his speech by asking, “How would you all feel if you were discriminated against for something you did a long time ago?” From the beginning of his speech it was obvious that he was going to try to reach out to the public by getting them to put themselves in the shoes of an ex-convict. Mr. Cooper then went on to share a short story with the audience, he told them of how a young Hispanic male had been released on parole but could not find a job, which resulted in him resorting to robbery to sustain himself and how he was eventually arrested and thrown in jail again just because no employer wanted to give him a job. He then went on to give facts on the present…...

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