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The Negative Impact of Home Videos

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Ebeh Emmanuel Michael Phone: 08056971579, 07037798427
Umuawuru, Azukala Amaoba- Ikputu,
Oboro, Ikwuano L.G.A,
Abia State.
PERSONAL INFORMATION * Sex : Male * Date of Birth : 6th June,1968 * State of origin : Abia State * Local Government : Ikwuano * Nationality : Nigerian * Marital Status : Married * Place of Birth : Amaoba Oboro * Religion : Christianity OBJECTIVE
To use my skills in communication to persuade people and corporate bodies to think favorably about my company and its offerings.
* Federal University Of Technology, Yola 2006-2011 * Model Central Computer Institute,Yola 2011 * National Teachers Certificate 2011 * Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria 1989-1991 * G.T.C Chate,Sokoto State 1977-1982 * Shettima Primary School, Gusau 1971-1977

Professional Experience * Lady Atiku Girls Primary School, Yola (Teacher) 2007 Till Date * Col. Isa Memorial Primary School (Teacher) 2006-2007 * Majalisa Primary School, Yola (Teacher) 1989-2006 * Numan II Primary School,Numan (Teacher) 1984-1989 * Gwadamalam Primary School,Numan (Teacher) 1982-1984

QUALIFICATIONS * B.A Language and Communication Arts 2011 * NABTEB 2010 * NCE Certificate 1991 * Grade II Certificate 1982
Computer skills * Proficiency in the use of the computer(Internet Explorer)
Additional Skills * Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills. * Diligent, Proactive and Resourceful Team player * Flexible and able to adapt to changing work demands * Self motivated achiever
. English -good working knowledge. Igbo - Mother-tongue
Extracurricular activities * Volunteer work: Work one hour/week with students who have difficulties in learning the English language. * Sports: football (practice 4 hours/week), tennis (plays table tennis at leisure)
HRH. Eze I. Imo
Amaoba-Ikputu Oboro

High Chief Ogbonna
Michael Okpara University, Umudike
Abia State. 07032588600
High Chief O. Abraham
Umuawuru, Azukala,

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