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The National Rifle Association and Career Success

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The National Rifle Association and Career Success
Francisco Diaz
September 28, 2010
Professor Carla A. Lord

The National Rifle Association The National Rifle Association, formally known as the American Rifle Association is an association that has interested me so much I became a member. Established in 1871, the NRA was dedicated to voicing the second amendment (the right to bear arms) of the United States of America Bill of Rights and instructing others on how to safely and correctly operate a firearm. Today, they are a non-profit organization whose efforts have shifted not only towards the protection of the second amendment, but also the protection of their fellow members if ever wrongfully prosecuted for a weapons related charge. The NRA also offers their members other great benefits and services. The National Rifle Association is a book of knowledge. Thus they contribute towards increasing my professional knowledge and abilities in many ways. The NRA always keeps me informed and updated on any new legal or political issues and training. It is important to be cognizant of any and all legal or political issues. Not only to ensure your future, but also to stay in compliance of the law. Not knowing the law only increases ones chances of breaking it. This is especially true for those who own a concealed weapons license (CCW) and actually carry as I myself do. This knowledge affects my career success not only directly, but more indirectly. My definition of career success is simply being able to achieve a personal goal targeted towards the advancement in ones career. Say I was to go to a national park on a fishing trip carrying a concealed firearm. A Park and Wildlife Officer stops me in my tracks because he believed he saw the indentation of a firearm in my shirt. The officer then asks if I am armed, and I reply “yes”. I then end up arrested for committing a felony. My argument of the law as far as the last time I checked, it was legal will get me nowhere. Not only do I have a criminal record, but am also stripped away from ever being able to carry a concealed weapon. Now this incident trickles down to the military and blemishes my whole career .This whole incident could have been avoided if I were knowledgeable of the changes in the law. The National Rifle Association provides all sorts of training and training seminars. These instructions range in areas such as self defense shooting, L.E. Range Instructor, marksman, gunsmithing and safety. I believe this affects my career success by enhancing my abilities in my field of work. No matter how much I may already know there is always room to improve what I know. This can be achieved by taking new instruction on simplifying a procedure or learning a new procedure. When it comes down to career success, I believe everyone has their own interpretation of its meaning. In conclusion, the National Rifle Association is a great source for career success. Whether it is new knowledge, honing my abilities or learning new abilities, the NRA does not disappoint. Their history speaks for itself.…...

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