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Finally, the necessary climbing skills for the lean expedition must be addressed. Business transformation of this magnitude quickly overwhelms training and employee development resources. Therefore, the most qualified and respected managers need to be converted to become certified trainers. This group can be augmented by outside resources, using one of the few consulting companies who have the credible skills and experience to be effective in this arena. Examples of such companies include the Lean Enterprise Institute and Productivity, Inc. Next, comprehensive training schedules must be developed to assure that training fully supports the work cell roll-out for lean implementation.

Change leaders can be selected on the basis of attributes described earlier, but even with the best raw material, significant training is needed to create knowledgeable employees. Training hours completed throughout the organization is a key metric of lean implementation. Unfortunately, the transformation landscape is littered with the remains of unsuccessful expeditions that tried shortcuts in training or focused on classroom hours without equivalent application hours that allow knowledge to be reinforced and absorbed. To avoid wasted investment, applying the newly acquired skills in a problem-solving scenario must quickly follow classroom sessions to transfer knowledge and ensure it is retained. Ideally, each training and application experience should occur with natural work teams to reinforce further team behaviors while the team acquires skills. Managers at all levels must participate in the training. Training is the only credible method for all to understand the skills required for the journey and to take the pulse of the employees' attitudes and knowledge during practical application.

Figure 2 illustrates a recommended rollout of course modules; it…...

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