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The Grey Zone

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The Grey Zone
Whose responsibility is it to ensure that workplaces are safe, especially when work is outsourced?
Strategic managers have the responsibility to ensure that work places are safe when work is outsourced. Strategic decision makers must consider many aspects when pursuing international strategies (Coulter, 2013, p.198). Before doing business internationally, however, strategic managers need to explore, examine, and understand as best as they can, the important issues in the international environment (Coulter, 2013, p.198). Although outsourcing work has its advantages, the drawbacks must also be considered. Some safety concerns could include: 1) differences in language, culture, and value systems, 2) ethnic, religious, and cultural tensions, and 3) disruptive changes such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and disease outbreak. Differences in language and culture may cause difficulty in implementing safety protocol. The employees may not fully comprehend what you want, due to the language barrier. The culture of the country that you’re outsourcing your work to may not value safety. This can be a huge risk if you are operating machinery. Ethnic concerns are also important. How the country that your business is based in is, viewed by the country that you’re relocating to? If you are outsourcing work for your company to a country that is hostile towards your, it could pose a huge risk. Will the religious views of the country you’re outsourcing to allow employees to work on certain tasks? Last but not least would be natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and disease. Does the country that you’re outsourcing to have natural disasters on a consistent basis that can halt or delay your operations?
“It’s a tricky dance between first – world brands and third – world production.” What do you think this statement means?
This statement means that the…...

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