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The Determined Dictator

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The Determined Dictator Julius Caesar has been quoted to have said, “I love the name of honor, more than I fear death” (“Julius Caesar Quotes”). That one quote tells a lot about Caesar’s attitude and his character. More than once, this determination to receive honor risked his life, but it also gained him many achievement that he has been remembered for for hundreds and hundreds of years. In the end, that same desire for honor cost him his life. Julius Caesar deserved the honor he received though. He was a self-made man who earned his respect and admiration by his own talents, wisdom, and strengths. (“Portrait”) William Shakespeare described him as a “General, Statesman, Dictator – the most famous Roman of them all” (“Julius Caesar”). Julius Caesar’s political statute, his military leadership, and his tragic assassination all reflected his desire to make a change in his country and his perseverance to achieve his goal. One area of Julius Caesar’s life where he persevered to make a change in Rome was his political statute. Julius Caesar was born in one hundred B.C. (“Portrait”). He was born into a patrician family (Crew). His father was a great politician and taught Julius as much as he could. Julius Caesar’s first job was a speaker in the Roman courts. He was very successful and eventually was elected to the office of praetor, or commanding officer of the army, which was the second ranked political office of his time (Crew). He was so popular among his peers that he was elected in his first election, which was a rarity in those days (Crew). Caesar changed history because of his many political talents. His perseverance and versatile talents made him liked and heard by people in power (“Portrait”). He was known for being a great persuasive speaker. He was a published writer who used this ability to brag about his accomplishments (“Portrait”).
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