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The Gain though Pain It was a normal day in June the summer before my senior year of high school. I had just arrived home from a work out with the football team and my dad was calling my name. I ran up the stairs. He handed me the phone and said it was Brian Sipe, the Hall of Fame quarterback for the Cleveland Browns and my old high school football coach. After Coach Sipe coaching at my high school he became the quarterback coach and recruiting coordinator at San Diego State University. Curiously, I answered the phone and said, “Hello? Coach Sipe”. It was quiet for a second or two before I heard, “Hey, Brenton this is Coach Sipe with San Diego State, I wanted to be he first to let you know that we as a coaching staff have decided to offer you a fifty percent scholarship to play football here and if you perform will raise it to a full scholarship”. I was in shock, stunned that I just got offered. Coach Sipe then said, “I will send you the official letter and you can talk it over with your parents. Have a good day”. “Click” he was gone. I stood there in that spot looking at my dad expecting that he already knew, but my dad kept pushing saying “what did he say, what did Coach Sipe say” I told him that Coach Sipe had just offered me a scholarship and that the official letter is in the mail. At this point I had been the first football player on my team to be offered a scholarship, but it meant so much more than that. When I was younger in elementary and middle school I wasn’t the most athletic kid or even close, I only got places because I worked hard. All of the kids that I played football with in high school were the same kids that told me I wouldn’t even start in high school and wouldn’t even get close to college football. After I received this offer I felt invincible, I had just proven everyone who said I could…...

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