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The Chocolate Touch (Analysis)

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The Chocolate Touch

A Book Report

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I. Title Page…………………………………………………………………….3

II. Title and Author of the Book………………………………………………4

III. Type of Book……………………………………………………………….5

IV. Main Characters…………………………………………………………..6

V. Book’s setting………………………………………………………………7

VI. Summary of the Plot………………………………………………………8

VII. Theme of the Book……………………………………………………….9

VIII. Liked or Disliked of the book……………………………………………10

Title Page

The Chocolate Touch

By Patrick Skene Catling

128 Pages

Type of Book

The book is a fantasy and fiction book. It's about a boy that name John Midas, he really likes to eat chocolate.

Main Characters

John Midas is a young boy who has loves to eat chocolates. Due to his greediness whatever he eat or drink will turn into chocolate. The Storekeeper is an old man who grants John his wish and teaches the young boy a lesson that would change him. Mrs Midas is the mother of John Midas. She has a loving face and comforting voice that her children love about especially John. Mr. Midas is the father of John Midas. He is comforting and supportive father. Mary is the sister of John Midas. Mr. Cranium is the doctor who named John Midas’ mistery situation as Dr.Cranium Disease.

Book’s setting

The setting of the book took place in John’s house, at his school, and in the candy shop. The time this took place is unknown.

Summary of the Plot

John Midas was a pig about chocolates. One day, Mrs. Midas noticed a couple of little red spots on the end of John’s nose. When they visit Dr.Cranium, he advises John to less of eating chocolates and candy.

John suddenly caught by a coin lying right his path. John noticed that there was something strange about it. The other side was the letters J.M. which was funny, because those letters happened to be his initials. He took the coin and came to a small corner store. They were full of all sorts of candy. The man in the store gives John a candy box with exchange of his coin. The next morning, John discovers that anything that touches his mouth transforms into chocolate. John becomes thirstier and thirstier, sicker and sicker, and begins craving the good, wholesome sensible foods his parents always wanted him to eat.

His father suggests that they must see the store but when they reach the place all they see is an empty lot. So they decided to go to Dr.Cranium and the doctor prescribed John to take medicine. John took the spoon with his lips and the spoon turned into chocolate. Dr.Cranium told that what john had is called Dr.Cranium Disease and he wants to study the case of John thoroughly but Mr. Midas refused.

Mrs. Midas found about the situation of his son, and she never stops crying so John kissed her wet cheek. When he opened his eyes his mother had turned into a lifeless chocolate! John ran wildly until he found the store where he found the chocolate. Old man told John that it is his selfishness that leads everything to where they are right now. John chose to save her mother and then the old man told John everything is okay now.

The main conflict in the book started when John started realizing that his wish, as good as it may be, was becoming a nightmare. As he touched different objects they all turned to chocolate! As John saw her mother become chocolate he hurriedly run toward the store of the old man and admit his mistakes and that he was so sorry with what happen. The conflict was resolved on the end as John Midas acknowledges and learns the value of being unselfish and the benefits of foods with in every individual.

Theme of the Book

One theme I learned in this book is to appreciate life even with the smallest things. Another theme is to do different things in life, to be unique. For example, all John was eating in the beginning was chocolate but then he got sick and was forced to eat different foods so that taught him his. The story deals with self-centeredness vs. compassion, though The Chocolate Touch does so in a manner accessible to children. Although John's self-centeredness is unlike most other cases of self-centeredness that put other people at a disadvantage; in John's case he wants his family to stop telling him what he can and cannot eat. Towards the end of the story John comes to realize that his parents' and doctor's demand for healthy eating was for his own good.

The book tells its readers a message and that is to people don’t only care about them like John did, but to care about other people. This book reminds all of us how we used to feel about chocolate when we were little. It was a problem not only for children but for parents as well. Parents must think of ways on how to encourage their child to eat healthy foods.

Liked or Disliked the Book

I liked ''The Chocolate Touch'' for multiple reasons. For example, The Chocolate Touch was a quick and short book with an interesting plot. I also liked this book because it teaching a lot of life lessons. I say this because this book only has 128 pages and has an interesting plot which is about a greedy boy who all he eats is chocolate page. I also say this because this book has taught me to be considerate in life.

I enjoyed reading this book, because I love how the author made a fun story with a lesson tied in with it. I also enjoyed this book because of its unrealistic ways that stretched my imagination. I liked how the book related to me and how I love to eat chocolate as a snack every now and then. Another thing I liked about this book was that it gave me a few giggles here and there and kept me interested in the main idea. Overall this book was fun to read and worth my while.

Someone who would like this book is someone who likes a book that actually means something and will teach you something in life. I say this because this book has a lot of lessons to be learned and also a lot of symbolism of items. For example, the chocolate could symbolize John's greed or the little chocolate ball that makes him sick could symbolize a consequence. One challenging aspect of this book was it being so short so it had to go in a really fast pace to finish the story. Which in some areas in the book it just felt like there wasn't enough detail.

The Chocolate Factory By Patrick Skene Catling

Page 9…...

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