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4.1 Answers
1 Helps you find what you want.
2 Types, subject and author.

3 a Function of item b Service it provides c Season or popularity d Year the car was made or the model (type) of car e Genre
4 Similarities: Branching and dichotomous keys start with one large group and slowly divides into smaller more defined groups. Each division is a choice. Differences: Branching keys offer two or more divisions at each branch, whereas dichotomous keys have only two choices at each branch.

5 a beetle b butterfly c grasshopper d mosquito e rhino beetle f termite solider

6 a Herman b Ken c Eugene d Louisa e Jane
7 Xero
8 Student responses will vary.


9 Student responses will vary.

10 Student responses will vary. a How are all the lollies at the cinema different? b Why are boys’ names different?
11 Student responses will vary.


12 Student responses will vary.
13 Student responses will vary.
14 Student responses will vary. An example follows: 1 a short Chris b not short Go to 2 2 a male Ro b not male Go to 3 3 a brunette Marg b not brunette Jacinta
15 Student responses will vary.
16 Student responses will vary. Examples follow: a [pic] b 1 a Lives in water Water lily b Doesn’t live in water Go to 2 2 a Has spikes Cactus b Doesn’t have spikes Go to 3 3 a 1 single leaf is divided into sections Tree fern b 1 single leave is whole Go to 4 4 a Used to make Eucalyptus oil Gum tree b Not used to make Eucalyptus oil Wattle bush c [pic]

17 Student responses will vary.
18 Student responses will vary.

4.1 Practical activities
Prac 1: Making a pasta key
Common mistakes
Students should be encouraged to devise questions that divide each group into two fairly equal subgroups.
Possible results
Students construct a dichotomous key to classify pasta.
Suggested answers
1 It contains questions that divide objects into two groups.
2 It is possible that every student produced a different key, even if they had the same items to classify.
3 May depend on whether the keys work. Compare some to see which are better and why.

Prac 2: Constructing keys
Common mistakes
Students should be encouraged to devise questions that divide each group into two fairly equal subgroups.
Suggested answers
1 It is easier to list characteristics of objects that are familiar and readily available.
2 Student response.

4.2 Answers
1 Take in energy, take in and use gases, produce wastes, respond to stimuli, move, ability to reproduce, grow and are made from cells.
2 Mammals use lungs, birds use lungs, amphibians have lungs but use their skin and fish use gills.
3 Student responses will vary. Autotrophs: mammals, birds, reptiles Heterotrophs: grass, seaweed, trees
4 37°C
5 Glucose
6 a Photosynthesis b Cellular respiration
7 a Carbon dioxide + water + energy → oxygen + glucose b Oxygen + glucose → water + carbon dioxide + energy
8 Excretion

9 After sun-baking the blood and body temperature of ectotherms can be high. This can give them extra energy so they are far more active.
10 During growth and when it responds to light.
11 During our infant and teen years, as humans get older they grow, become larger and more complicated. As humans grow they also change shape and proportions, for example, our arms and legs grow longer and stronger.
12 a Carbon dioxide, a product of cellular respiration, is produced when the astronauts breathe out. b On Earth there are trees and plants that take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

|a |Living |Reproduces |
|b |Non-living |Doesn’t breathe |
|c |Living |Made of cells |
|d |Living |Produces wastes |
|e |Non-living |Not made of cells |
|f |Living |Made of cells |
|g |Living |Moves |
|h |Non-living |Doesn’t produce wastes |

14 Microscopic
15 Piece of wood

| |Stimulus |Response |
|a |BBQ smell |Grumbling stomach |
|b |Change in temperature |Leaves falling from tree |
|c |Change in temperature |Goose bumps |
|d |Smell of blood |Feeding frenzy |
|e |Fear from person approaching |Seagull flies away |

|a |Reproduction |Later on in life, as the Year 7 students get older they may have children because they have |
| | |reproductive organs. |
|b |Growth |As young children and young adults, humans grow from the baby stage because we create new cells, but|
| | |as you age this process slows done. |
|c |Taking in energy |Although the protestor isn’t currently eating to obtain energy, they have in the past and will |
| | |continue to once the hunger strike is over because all living things require energy to survive. |
|d |Removing waste |In summer these people could remove waste through their sweat, so they will urinate less. |

18 a

|Show |Don’t show |
|Movement |Reproduction |
|Response to stimuli |Cells |
|Need for energy |Growth |
| |Excretion |
| |Taking in gases |

b Student responses will vary.

19 Student responses will vary.

|Characteristic |Frequency of characteristic observed |
|Excretion |1 |
|Movement |3 |
|Energy intake |1 |
|Gas exchange |Constant |
|Responds to stimuli |5 |

21 Student responses will vary.

4.2 Practical activities
Prac 1: Characteristics of life
Common mistakes
Students may confuse the top side of the leaf with the bottom side of a leaf. A demonstration beforehand may be helpful.
Possible results
The most shrivelled leaf has petroleum jelly covering its top side as this is where the least amount of stomata are present.
Suggested answers
1 The water came from the leaves through tiny pores (stomata) on the undersides of the leaves.
2 Cellular respiration.
3 The most shrivelled leaf had petroleum jelly covering its top side. The leaf that retained its shape the most was totally covered with petroleum jelly.
4 The bottom side of the leaf.
5 All rocks will retain their shape, as rocks do not possess stomata so there would be no water loss.

Prac 2: Mustard seeds
Common mistakes
As nature will have it, not all seeds sprout. Make sure there are a few extra seeds to compensate for the seeds that don’t sprout.
Possible results
The seedlings that were grown in dark conditions are shorter and less upright than the seeds kept in light conditions.
Suggested answers
1 Diagrammatic answer depends on the student’s results.
2 Seedlings will start to grow regardless of whether there is light, but light is required if growth is to continue after initial sprouting has occurred.

4.3 Answers
1 Taxonomy: process that sorts all living things into groups. Taxonomist: a scientist who sorts all living things into groups.
2 Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species.
3 Species.
4 Animals, Plants, Fungi, Monera and Protists.
5 Vertebrates (backbone) and Invertebrate (no backbone).
6 Those that have a transport system (vascular plants) and those without transport systems.

7 They belong to the same species because they can reproduce fertile offspring.
8 Even though they have the ability to produce an offspring, their offspring (mule) is not fertile, which means it is unable to reproduce.
9 Each species receives a unique scientific name using the binomial name system. This includes the genus and the species.
10 A subclass is a group smaller than a class but bigger than an order. A subclass is a more defined group than class but less defined than order.

11 a Sarcophilus b harrisii
12 Hair, whiskers, tails, fast runners

13 a 4 b Banksia ericifolia and Banksia marginata c Scientists can cross the two Banksia plants.

14 Student answers will vary. Example: King Phillip Classed Ordinary Families as Generous and Special

| |Human |Dog |Similar or Different |
|Kingdom |Animal |Animal |Similar |
|Phylum |Chordata |Chordata |Similar |
|Class |Mammalia |Mammalia |Similar |
|Order |Primata |Carnivora |Different |
|Family |Hominidae |Canidae |Different |
|Genus and species |Homo sapiens |Canis familaris |Different |

16 Student answers will vary.

4.4 Answers
1 Zoology.
2 Whether animals have a backbone or not.
3 Chordata.
4 Arthropods, cnidarians, molluscs and worms.
5 One million different species of insects are known and many more are likely to be found in the future.
6 a Hatch from eggs and have a two stage life, have a thin skin that would dry out if they did not live in a damp area, need to go back to water to reproduce because eggs lack waterproof coating, are able to breathe through their skin, as well as lungs and are ectotherms. b Breathe using lungs, have scales on their legs and feet, feathers, lay hard shelled eggs and are endotherms. c Have gills, are ectotherms and most lay eggs. d Feed their young on milk from mammary glands, have hair (wool, fur or spikes) and are endotherms.
7 a Polyps and medusas b Arthropods c Octopus d Water: shrimp, crabs, yabbies, octopus, squid Land: spiders, scorpions, mites, ticks, snails, slugs

8 Parasitic means to live off or weaken other living organisms.
9 Dry scales, lungs, soft leathery waterproof eggs and ectothermic.
10 Millipedes have two pairs of legs per segment whereas centipedes have only one pair of legs per segment, therefore millipedes will have more legs.

11 Insects have three pairs of legs and wings, so the other features this organism would have are: one pair of antennae and body divided in three segments.
12 a Birds, reptiles, amphibians. b Feathers, scaly or slippery skin and texture of eggs.
13 a Amphibians b Cnidarians c Mammals d Fish e Reptiles
14 a Birds, reptiles, amphibians b Fish, reptiles, birds c Fish, amphibians, reptiles

15 a Vertebrate b Invertebrate c Vertebrate d Invertebrate e Vertebrate f Vertebrate g Invertebrate
16 a Roundworms have long cylindrical bodies. Flatworms have flat bodies. Segmented worms have bodies with multiple segments. b Bony fish have skeletons made of bone. Cartilaginous fish have skeletons made of cartilage. c Centipedes are flat. Millipedes are round. Centipedes have one pair of long antennae. Millipedes have one short pair. d Reptiles have one stage in their life. Amphibians have to stages. Amphibians breathe through their skin and lungs. Reptiles breathe through their lungs. e Arachnids have no antennae but insects do. Arachnids have two body segments but insects have three. Arachnids have four pairs of legs but insects have three. f Monotremes lay eggs but marsupials give birth to tiny young.
17 Mammals (monotreme)
18 Student responses will vary.

19 Too small to be found or could have become extinct or ecosystems have not yet been completely explored.
20 The soft bodies decompose leaving nothing behind.

21 Student responses will vary.

4.4 Practical activities
Prac 1: Fish dissection
Common mistakes
Instruct students to make careful incisions. Deep cuts through the skin may damage the fish’s organs making them difficult to identify.
Possible results
Student dissect a fish to investigate the internal structure of a vertebrae.
Suggested answers
1 Bony.
2 The air bladder adjusts their buoyancy (particularly as their body tissue is denser than the water).
3 Depends on students’ experience.
4 Fins for movement, gills for absorbing oxygen, air bladder for buoyancy, slippery, scaly slimline body for moving through the water.

Prac 2: Preserved invertebrates
Common mistakes
Some characteristics of the invertebrates may be too small to see. Hand lenses and stereo microscopes will assist this exercise.
Possible results
Students examine and note the characteristics of preserved invertebrates.
Suggested answers
1 Arthropods or echinoderms may have an exoskeleton.
2 Depends on specimens supplied for study.

4.5 Answers
1 Botany
2 a Angiosperms b Bacteria
3 a Tropical environments b Cooler environments c Moist and water environments d Moist and cooler environments
4 Huon, kauri pine, bunya and hoop pines
5 i Small plants. ii Do not have well developed vascular systems. iii Do not have true roots.

6 Fruits
7 Only one species in a class of its own because it has cones with seeds but unlike other cone-bearing trees, the ginkgo sheds its leaves in winter.
8 Spore cases grow on their leaves. When ready the cases open to release the spore.
9 They are heterotrophs (don’t make their own food). That is they feed on other plants and animals to survive.
10 Less desirable: Bad breath, pimples, infections and diseases. Beneficial: Digestion and production of foods such as cheese and yoghurt.
11 a Plants have both male reproductive parts (anther and filament) and female parts (stigma, ovary and style) on each flower. b Hermaphrodite is an organism that has both male and female reproductive organs.

12 a Flowering b Ginkgo c Bryophyte d Conifers
13 a Similarities: reproduce by spores. Differences: ferns are producers and fungi are heterotrophic. b Similarities: Some are useful but others cause infections. Differences: unlike fungi, bacteria are microscopic. c Similarities: produce seeds in cones. Differences: conifers prefer cool climates and cycads prefer tropical environments.
14 a Vegetable b Fruit c Fruit d Fruit

15 a English scientists did not have access to the vast Australian plant species prior to the arrival of the first European settlers. b The local Aborigines and the first settlers could not communicate because of language barriers.


4.5 Practical activities
Prac 1: Vascular plants
Common mistakes
The vascular system will be too hard to see if the flower colour is too dark. Light-coloured flowers will assist this exercise.
Possible results
The dye will travel up through the veins of the flower changing the colour of the flowers.
Suggested answers
1 Vascular plants have veins present on their leaves.
2 The dye has travelled up through the veins of the flower.
3 The test tube with only water served as a control.

Prac 2: Dichotomous key of plants
Common mistakes
Some characteristics of the plants may be too small to see. Hand lenses and stereo microscopes will assist this exercise.
Possible results
Students construct a dichotomous key for plants from the local area.
Suggested answers
1 Depends on key produced.
2 Depends on key produced.

Prac 3: Growing a fungus
Common mistakes
The characteristics of fungi may be too small to see. Hand lenses and stereo microscopes will assist this exercise.
Possible results
Students grow mould and compare the characteristics of a fungus to a vascular plant.
Suggested answers
1 No veins. Absence of chlorophyll.
2 They use dead organic material as a food source and break it down into carbon dioxide and water.

Chapter answers
1 Student responses will vary. a Plant, animal, fungi b Mammals, amphibians, birds c Molluscs, insects, cnidarians d Dog, human, parrot e Lizard, snake, frogs f Daisies, gum trees, wattle g Huon, Kauri pine, Bunya h Mushrooms, toadstool, moulds i Staphylococcus, Anthrax, Streptococcus
2 a Birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians b Monotremes, placentals, marsupials c Arthropods, molluscs, cnidarians, worms d Insects, arachnids, crustaceans, centipedes, millipedes e Flowering, conifers, cycads, ginkgo, ferns

3 To organise different things into related types.
4 Cells are microscopic; they cannot be seen with the naked eye so they need a technology that could magnify them in order to be seen.
5 a Process whereby glucose and oxygen react to release energy. b Production of wastes. c Changes in the environment of organisms. d How the organism reacts to the stimulus. e Process of sorting living things into groups. f Final, smallest and most defined group in the classification scheme whereby individuals have the ability to produce offspring that can reproduce. g Animals with a spinal cord running down their backs that carry messages to and from the brain. h A hard outer covering that acts as an external skeleton. i An organism that is not capable of photosynthesis and cannot make its own food.
6 Unlike animals, plants have chloroplasts, which contain chlorophyll to convert the Sun’s energy into chemical energy. Animals lack the ability to use the Sun’s energy.

7 a Yes b No c Yes d No
8 a Movement, response to stimuli, exchange of gases, produce wastes b Movement, response to stimuli, exchange of gases, produce wastes
9 a Same species b Different species c Same species d Different species e Different species
10 The fire is the only non-living thing in the sentence. The fire can show the following characteristics of living things: Take in energy—when fuel like wood is added it gives the fire energy. Takes in gases—oxygen gas increases the size and intensity of flames and carbon dioxide gas puts out a fire. Grow—it can grow higher and wider.
11 a Genre, album, song name, artist, play count b It allows the users to make a search with greater ease and in less time.
12 a White flowers and produce seeds b Acacia c Gunii and Mearnsii

13 a Dry scales, lungs, soft leathery eggs, ectothermic b Animal, vertebrates, birds c Have lungs, birds have scales on their legs and feet.
14 a Conifers b Ferns c Angiosperms d Bryophytes
| |Vertebrate/ |Class |Order |
| |Invertebrate | | |
|a |Vertebrate |Fish |Cartilaginous fish |
|b |Invertebrate |Arthropod |Arachnid |
|c |Vertebrate |Mammal |Monotreme |
|d |Vertebrate |Mammal |Marsupial |
|e |Vertebrate |Fish |Bony fish |
|f |Invertebrate |Arthropod |Crustaceous |
|g |Vertebrate |Mammal |Placental |
|h |Invertebrate |Worm |Segmented |
|i |Invertebrate |Arthropod |Insect |

16 New undiscovered species were discovered especially with the invention of microscopes which allowed us to study the microscopic cellular components of living things.
17 a i Plants are visible to the naked eye therefore can be seen and identified. ii Monera are microscopic therefore are not easily detected by the naked eye. b Insects—they are small and are found everywhere (land, water and air) rather than in one specific location and this makes it harder to find all species.…...

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Best Practices

...ADAPTATION OF BEST PRACTICES THE EXPERIENCE OF THE INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN CANADA (Written Report, 2015) AS PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR ADMINISTRATIVE INNOVATIONS AND REFORMS (MPA 620) SUBMITTED BY UMAR SHADRACK. J SUBMITTED TO: PROF .SHERWIN WILLIAM A. CUASAY (MPM) UNIVERSITY OF BATANGAS GRADUATE SCHOOL INTRODUCTION A best practice may be a particular method, or it may be a whole program or intervention. “Best practice” status is sometimes conferred either officially – by a government body, professional association, or other authoritative entity – or by published research results. Best practices, in short, are those methods or programs that have been found to be successful in accomplishing their goals and that can be used, or adapted for use, in your circumstances. The standards for choosing a best practice vary tremendously, depending upon who’s doing the choosing. In some cases, almost any program that can show some success is labeled a best practice. In others, the criteria are so strict that only a few are selected (more likely with professional associations that are trying to set or uphold research standards.) Where the standards are relatively loose, programs designated as best practices may be only adequate, rather than truly the best the field has to offer. Where the standards are too strict, many......

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Is Best Buy the Best?

...Is Best Buy the Best? Is Best Buy the Best? Best Buy is one of the leading retailers in electronics and electronic services. With the growing popularity of online shopping, some retail stores are experiencing less physical business and more e-commerce. Best Buy has adapted to this trend and is still able to maintain many stores throughout the nation. The company simultaneously provides an easily navigated website to reach all of its client preferences. To maintain a structure as this, a company must have superior management and functionality. There are four basic fundamentals that encompass the management of a successful business such as Best Buy. The traditional functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These functions are affected by several external and internal factors such as globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics. Five Common Factors In 2010, Best Buy separated itself as a company into three divisions; the Americas, Asia and Europe. Each division was created with an executive vice-president running each area who would report to the Chief Executive Officer (Ernst & Young Global Limited). When the company planned this out, it created a self-paced region instead of the entire company proceeding as a whole. In other words, Asia can progress at a different pace then the Americas in all aspects. This plan enabled all regions and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to use their brains and ideas from clients to develop more......

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Best Buy

...BEST BUY CASE: Yiming Dong 1. What examples of environmental scanning do you see in the case? What role do you think environmental scanning has played in the company’s future? Although Best Buy is trying to become a perfect electronics retailer, it is not easy to deal with those challenges from external environment. For example, many other retailers, the economic climate has forced Best Buy to carefully consider its strategic options. In my own opinion, I believe that Best Buy will face more challenges in the future. Because as the improvement of technology and science, information is easier obtained by other competitors than before. So Best Buy must think about a good strategy to keep and hold the best information and technology. 2. Using the five competitive factors approach and the information in the case, do a brief industry-competitive analysis. Existing Competitors: We could find lots of products provided by Wal-Mart and Target that are same as goods from Best Buy. However, Best Buy is an electronics retailer, others are super market. Possible Competitors: There are also some possible competitors in the market. For example, we can buy some phones from Amazon and E-bey. Alternative Industry Providers: Although we could buy the same product in other places, there is no any electronics retailer like Best Buy. 3. What types of information do you think Dunn might want from each of the five general environmental sectors? I think that Dunn maybe want to......

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Best Buys

...Chapter 5-Best Buy 1 Chapter 5 Best Buy Using Customer Centricity to Connect with Customers Narrator: Best Buy is the world's largest consumer electronics retailer, far ahead of its rivals: Walmart, Circuit City and Costco. Joe Brandt is a service manager at a Best Buy store focused on centricity. Joe Brandt: So much of our business success comes down to understanding consumer behaviors. Female Customer: I'm looking for a laptop. Male Customer: I’m looking for a Bluetooth headset. Female Customer: You can see computer right up, so I know exactly where to go. it was easy. Male Customer: They're definitely customer focused around here. Edie Adaza: The beautiful thing about this one is you can surf the Internet. Joe Brandt: We really focus on getting our employees in the know and being able to described to customers how technology can enhance their lives. We try to make that shopping experience as easy and as simple as possible. Edie Adaza: My name is Edie Adaza. I'm the personal shopping assistant and customer assistant. I opened this store so I'm very proud of this store. If you notice, our aisles are color-coded. It's just basically telling customers where to go, easy access to, let's say, computers, Geek Squad. Joe Brandt: Consumers look at a lot of different things. They look at shopability of the store, how easy it is to navigate the store, how pleasant the employees are, how we are price-wise,......

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...Regulatory policy reforms should encompass two elements: first, strengthening supervision and the enforcement of prudential rules, especially in the area of credit risk; and second, ensuring that the regulatory framework enhances, rather than diminishes, incentives on bank owners and managers for prudent management. The four countries covered in this paper implemented major reforms to prudential regulation in the late 1980s and/or early 1990s. Bank supervision departments were strengthened and new banking laws were enacted, incorporating much stricter prudential regulations on, inter alia, capital adequacy, large loan exposures and insider lending. This has brought most aspects of their banking legislation into line with international best practice. If the new banking legislation is to be effective, close monitoring of the banks by the supervisors, particularly of their asset portfolios, and the imposition of sanctions on banks which violate the regulations, are necessary. To prevent insider lending (or at least levels of insider lending which exceed prudential limits) and other forms of imprudent lending activities, such as excessive loan concentration, supervisors must carry out regular on -site inspections and have the accounting skills to detect when bank records have been falsified. Regulators should also focus attention on identifying potential problem debts in the banks, and ensure that banks properly classify loans according to predetermined criteria based on......

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