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1. Introduction Banglalink is the second largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh. When Banglalink entered the Bangladesh telecom industry in 10th February 2005, the scenario changed overnight with mobile telephony becoming an extremely useful and affordable communication tool for people across all segments. Within one year of operation, Banglalink became the fastest growing mobile operator of the country with a growth rate of 257%. This milestone was achieved with innovative and attractive products and services targeting the different market segments; aggressive improvement of network quality and dedicated customer care and effective communication that emotionally connected customers with Banglalink. As of April 2012, Banglalink has a subscriber base of 25 million. Consequently, there is an emergence of studying the related facets of the Telesales to retain and increase its market share. In such competitive telecom sector the Telesales department of Banglalink have already acquired more than 150, 000 competition customers leading to an increase in customer base. Hence, in the current study, the research intends to examine the activities of the Telesales department and the behaviour of customers towards telemarketing in case of purchasing Banglalink SIM from Telesales. 2. Statement of the Problem The job of Telesales is to acquire competition customer offering duplicate dial and bridge a relationship between those customers with the company. Another function of Telesales is to communicate information and entertain requests from customers. Many articles and research reports regarding direct marketing and telemarketing often state the benefits that the companies can obtain if they conduct their operations of promotion and selling through telephone communication. They tend to focus companies’ perspective in regard to telemarketing, ignoring what…...

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