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Technology Enhanced Lesson Criteria Marking Sheet

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I. Introduction:
Nowadays, thanks to the development of technology, teaching and learning in schools have become much easier than they were in the past with a lot of useful software and programs. In the assignment of the technology in education course, I am going to share and introduce you my website “English Club” as well as give you some specific information about it. I designed this website with the aim of helping students to study and practice English in a modern way through interactive exercises. I chose these exercises from material for students in elementary level. By using this website, students can not only easily do these useful exercises but also feel less boring than doing on paper. In addition, teachers can also use this website to teach students in class.
II. Description of Software: 1. About the software:
My software has five types of exercises: Matching exercises, Cloze test exercises, Mix up sentences, Multiple-choice and Crossword. I mainly used Hot Potatoes Software to design these exercises. With interesting and brainstorming activities such as correcting mixed sentences, matching opposite words or gap-filling, English learners will quickly extend their vocabulary and grammar points. If the learners feel tired after doing exercises, they can relax by playing crossword puzzles. This skill practice software with grammar and vocabulary exercises supports English for elementary level students.

2. Technical requirement: * Hardware requirement:
+ 500MHz CPU
+ 128 Mb RAM
+ Microsoft Office
+ CD ROM Drive * Screen solution:
This program looks best when learners’ screen resolution is set to 1024x768. * Compatible operating systems:
* “English Club” software is for Window 2000, 2003, XP, 2007. * This software is optimized for Firefox 1.5 (or above),…...

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