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There are many different types of a “team player”. To give some examples, it

can be in sports, in business, in society or at school. But now, we are going to talk about a

team player in a sport. We can define a team player as a person who works well with other

team members and values their efforts and contributions as much as their own. It’s

someone who is willing to do anything to allow his team to win. However to be a good team

player, you need to be able to communicate. Communicating will help bring the team

together to solve problems, impact our life in a positive way, and create strong


Feeling comfortable and being close with each other is important for a good

connection with your teammates. The primary key to be close with them is communication.

The team members jointly determine their goals, give ideas, and make decisions together by

communicating. But first of all, knowing their teammates is important. For example, this

year I've just joined a new team. I did not know any girls because was new. But one of the

girls in the team organized a dinner on the first day of class, so we could get to know each

other. This is a good way to start. If the team members know each other well, it’s easier to

accept individual differences. Of course, sometimes there are some conflicts in the team. But

good communication with your teammates will solve a lot of problems between one

another. To give an exemple, my last year of high school, I went to a high school tennis

competition with my team. We had a very good team. But the score was very tight. The

score was 3 over and the last match was being played. Finally, my teammate lost her match

so we lost the game. One of my teammates put the blame on the person who had lost her

match, even if she had lost hers. Then…...

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