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Movie review
Border town

Directed by Gregory Nava

Jennifer Lopez
Antonio Banderas Martin Sheen
Maya Zapata
Zaide Silbia

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Geli, Rosemarie Ann M. Presented to
Ms. Samson


A powerful story of life on the border between the United States and Mexico, Bordertown is based on the hundreds of women working in American-owned factories who have been brutally raped and murdered in Juarez, a city gripped by fear. The attacks have been covered up by the local authorities, and still continue today.

When editor of the Chicago George Morgan (Sheen) sends ambitious reporter, Lauren Adrian (Lopez), to Juarez, Mexico to investigate the murders, what she finds is the story of a lifetime. Eva, a young woman who was raped and left for dead in the desert, is the only woman to survive an attack. Unable to go to the police for help, she turns to a local newspaper run by Diaz Alfonso (Bandera), former friend. Hiding Eva is incredibly dangerous, but Lauren knows that publishing her story is the only way to expose the truth behind the murders. She is determined to find Eva's attackers but soon finds herself immersed in a dangerous web of corruption that extends to both sides of the border.


Jennifer Lopez as Lauren Adrian: reporter for the Chicago Sentinel, daughter of Mexican immigrants

Antonio Banderas as Alfonso Diaz: founder of the Mexican newspaper El Sol

Maya Zapata as Eva Jimenez: factory worker and victim of a violent rape

Zaide Silvia Gutierrez as Lourdes Jimenez: Eva's concerned mother

Martin Sheen as George Morgan: Lauren's boss


Director Gregory Nava and executive producer Barbara Martinez-Jitner believed that the film would bring strong reactions. Nava has said the production received threats against himself and the cast. Also, there was stolen equipment and intimidation of film crew members when they filmed in Mexico.

According to the Martinez-Jitner when they first filmed in Ciudad Juárez, the police began threatening locals who were helping the production and to began stalk the crew. Also, a camera truck was vandalized and $100,000 worth of film equipment was stolen.


Wins At the Berlin International Film Festival Jennifer Lopez received the "Artists for Amnesty," award presented by Amnesty International. She won the award for her role as producer and star of a film "examining the ongoing murders of hundreds of women in a Mexican border town.[
Berlin International Film Festival: Golden Berlin Bear; Gregory Nava; 2007.…...

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