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When I was 16, I killed myself
I don’t laugh anymore. Some people scream near my ear
“Choose life, choose a family” and I whispered NO

I remembered your shaking voice when I let you down
But did you see the tears I shed when you took another sip
You had the look in your eyes that said it all,
But believe me when I say I used to love my life
But you took that from me and I keep dreaming
I keep wishing
I always wondered how it would be without you
I drank the last coffee and wrote it down
My whole life
The bitter taste of all the memories when you touched my hands
Swallowed down, forgotten
But I will never forgive.

I light a cigarette and think of all my favourite scenes
Just to forget the sound of your voice
I take a deep breath trying to feel it inside my hands
Nothing but a memory fading into the atmosphere

Now I am my own
I am finally free
I am who I used to be
No more thoughts holding me back
I won over you. No more regrets keeping me down
I lost everything

Expectations kept me awake and I woke up every night
When the tears dropped
I knew I couldn’t change a thing
My dreams seems endless but I left life for a better place

I am disenchanted
We are all the same
If life scares you to death, you and me
We feel the same
We feel the same

“I save everyone,
But who save me”

I believe in those people who suicide, they didn’t do for fun
While I’m in the car, I stare outside through the window
I can see a tower. A majestic tower
Full of glass
Full of level
Is it robot create the tower?
Is it the tower is Divine?
Human created those monsters.

Yet still we can’t explain why somebody killed themselves

Why people can create a billion cost of steel tower
But can’t reveal inside the heart of people who die because of anxiety and depression

We accuse them kill…...

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