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(Summary of Best Practices of Data Security)


Victoria Armstrong-Mensah

A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of

QSM 358

November 23, 2014

Phone: 403-452-1200
Professor: Prof Shamburg This paper summarizes other sources of data security we will present to our host companyExceltox to help them become better HIPAA compliant. Exceltox is currently minimally legally compliant as they are a new company – less than a year old. A breach would be costly in penalties and fines and could also risk the reputation of Exceltox.

Title of Paper (same as title page)

Begin your introduction to your paper here. The introduction should include a thesis statement defining the main topic of the paper. Three supporting points that will be discussed about the main topic are also introduced. APA requires that you double space the entire document. Be sure to indent the first line of each paragraph between five and seven spaces. All paragraphs should be at least 3 sentences.
Supporting Point 1 (title case, use your own words) The first supporting point is detail starting in the second paragraph. Multiple paragraphs can be used for each supporting point discussion. Use library peer-reviewed cited sources to support your writing and add credibility to your writing. Each supporting point should have a unique peer-reviewed source. Use transitional statement at the end of the paragraph to transition to the next supporting point. List contrasting views to support or challenge your position on a topic.
Supporting Point 2 (title case, use your own words) The second supporting point is discussed in nest sub-heading section. Multiple paragraphs can be used for each supporting point discussion. Use library peer-reviewed cited sources to support your writing and add credibility to your…...

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