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For a sample of an entry from an annotated bibliography entry in PDF, click on the downloadable file in the media box above.

Below you will find sample annotations from annotated bibliographies, each with a different research project. Remember that the annotations you include in your own bibliography should reflect your research project and/or the guidelines of your assignment.

As mentioned elsewhere in this resource, depending on the purpose of your bibliography, some annotations may summarize, some may assess or evaluate a source, and some may reflect on the source’s possible uses for the project at hand. Some annotations may address all three of these steps. Consider the purpose of your annotated bibliography and/or your instructor’s directions when deciding how much information to include in your annotations.

Please keep in mind that all your text, including the write-up beneath the citation, must be indented so that the author's last name is the only text that is flush left.
Sample MLA Annotation

Lamott, Anne. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. New York: Anchor Books, 1995. Print.
Lamott's book offers honest advice on the nature of a writing life, complete with its insecurities and failures. Taking a humorous approach to the realities of being a writer, the chapters in Lamott's book are wry and anecdotal and offer advice on everything from plot development to jealousy, from perfectionism to struggling with one's own internal critic. In the process, Lamott includes writing exercises designed to be both productive and fun.…...

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...Studio and pick the project from the most recent project list, start where you left-off, before the mistake. xxii. In Visual Studio, NEVER DELETE a form. In some cases, I’ve noted that forms that you were working-on were deleted, or perhaps the folders weren’t moved between flash drives or machines correctly (more likely, it’s a file move error). g. Here’s what the contents of VSPROJECTS looks-like with just the one code solution saved: h. And…here’s what the sub-folder should look-like. There should be a folder and a .SLN (solution) file. Other files may exist. See the image below: i. If I drill-down further, into the sub-folder, I should see the image below. There are at least THREE MORE SUBFOLDERS WITH SUBFOLDERS BELOW THOSE…THERE ARE .CS FILES (C# FILES), AND A PROJECT (CSPROJ) file. If this stuff isn’t there, you’re messing-up big time. Stop and re-do all the above steps. j. This has to be done deliberately, consciously, carefully, and without distractions. You’ve got to focus on what you’re doing and where you’re saving things, or you’re just wasting your time. This is the key, as I explained first up, to ensuring project success. 1. TO ZIP a project, I want you to COPY that project from your VSPROJECTS folder on your desktop and put the project RIGHT on your desktop. 2. Right mouse click over the project, and press the Send To…>Compressed Folder. 3. A compressed folder of the same project name will be......

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...few pages these commands are discussed THE BATCH COMMAND The Batch command lets you play an action on a folder of files and subfolders. If you have a digital camera or a scanner with a document feeder, you can also import and process multiple images with a single action. Your scanner or digital camera may need an acquire plug-in module that supports actions. You can also import PDF images from Acrobat Capture or other software programs. When batch-processing files, you can leave all the files open, close and save the changes to the original files, or save modified versions of the files to a new location (leaving the originals unchanged). If you are saving the processed files to a new location, you may want to create a new folder for the processed files before starting the batch. To batch-process files using the Batch command: 1. Choose File > Automate > Batch. 2. For Play, choose the desired set and action from the Set and Action pop-up menus. 3. For Source, choose a source from the pop-up menu:  Folder to play the action on files already stored on your computer. Click Choose to locate and select the folder. 4. Select Override Action "Open" Commands if you want Open commands in the action to refer to the batched files, rather than the filenames specified in the action. 5. Select Include All Subfolders to process files in subfolders. 6. Select Suppress File Open Options Dialogs to hide File Open Options dialogs. This is useful when batching actions on......

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