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Strength Training Exercise for a 35 Year Old

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My strength training program is for a 35 year old male, who is interested in furthering his current level of fitness by improving his overall strength and increasing his lean body mass. He is pre-hypertensive and wants to be preemptive in taking action against high blood pressure.

His goals are:

* Strength train three times a week for six weeks.

* Increase maximum bench press by 15% over six-week period.

* Increase lean body mass by five pounds within three months.

* Lower blood pressure from 139/80 to desired range of 90-119/ 60-79 in six weeks.

These goals will be measured in the following ways: 1. A calendar will be used to track daily/weekly participation in the program. Client has agreed to log all exercise to track results. 2. Client currently bench presses 160 pounds. I will track his progress as the program continues, noting his progress after two, four, and six weeks. 3. I will measure the client’s current lean body mass (total weight x 1.082)-(waist measurement x 4.15) + 94.42. We will measure and weigh the client at the three week and six week marks. 4. Client monitors his blood pressure on a daily program, checking it in the morning and early evening. I will ask the client to log this information on his training chart.

The program I have selected demonstrates a relationship between my client’s goals and the exercise I have selected. a. The program focuses on the entire body, including balance, increasing intensity as it progresses. Client will increase volume and intensity as program progresses to establish greater strength. b. Overload principle is demonstrated by gradually subjecting the client’s body to more stress (through advanced exercises), to build lean body mass. c. There is a progression of intensity, volume as noted. In addition, the exercise selection in weeks 3 to 6 is more difficult and challenging. * Intensity changes from 60% in week 1 to 80% in week 6. * Volume changes from 2 sets of 12 in week 1 to 4 sets of 8 in week 6 * In week 1 -2, the client is performing less complex exercise, utilizing more dumbbells, whereas in week 3-6 a barbell and machines are used for greater difficulty and increased weights.

d. Reps and sets:

e. Example of a concentric exercise: during bench press when barbell is being pushed up, producing force. Example of an eccentric exercises: during push press as bar is being moved upward, reducing force. Example of an Isometric exercises: during isometric ab stabilizer when client rolls upper body back until it forms a 60 degree angle with the floor and holds the position for 10 seconds.

f. Example of a unilateral exercise: single leg lunge squat with rear foot support Example of a bilateral exercise: bench press

g. I chose to incorporate a superset, pairing bench dumbbell presses immediately followed by dumbbell flies to boost the intensity of the set. In addition, I will focus on increasing volume, controlling total volume by adjusting sets, reps, and weight. Furthermore, I will ask the client to log workouts in a book, including how he feels on each day, before, during and after each exercise session. I will adjust the program based on this log and well as observing the client visually and subjectively.…...

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