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The Entertainment in our country

(Past, Present, Future)

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|Summary………………………………… 3 |
|Introduction…………………………….... 4 |
|Benefits of entertainment………………... 4 |
|Different types of entertainment………… 4 |
|Some famous present entertainment……. 5 |
|Some famous past entertainment………. . 5 |
|How entertainment affect our culture….....5 |
|Lack of good entertainment…………...….5 |
|About the future of entertainment…….…. 6 |
|Opinions…………………………………. 6 |
|Conclusion ………………………………. 6 |

Entertainment is a close thing to our life. We can not stay happy without it. In our country there are several types of entertainment. This becomes a strong part to our culture. But in the past there were lots of entertainment exists in our country. Some are lost by the passage of time. The entertainment can made a huge affect over our culture. Entertainment makes our culture more beautiful. But our country should take some extraordinary steps to develop our future entertainment. Then our country become sweeter than ever before.

Who hates entertainment? It is one of the basic parts of our life. We can not Pass our life without entertainment. It helps us to reduce boredom. It also refreshes our mind. We represents our culture though entertainment. Bangladeshi people like entertainment very much. It spreads all over the country. When we feel bore or depressed we take the help of this magical thing. No one lead their life happily without entertainment. If there is no entertainment in the earth, the existence of Human being is questionable.

Entertainment is necessary for happy life. Do you the importance of recreation and entertainment in your life if you are spending a boring routine life? The people who agreed with this thing should have some recreational ideas to entertain their lives. Entertainment is very effective for the people because it makes them fresh and happy. If you consider the tensions and problems in our daily life then you will definitely try to find some entertaining events and points that can make you happy and joyful by providing you freshness and comfort. Suppose if there is nothing special in your life then it will be boring and will become a burden for you because your body and mind needs rest. Only rest can’t give you hundred percent results because mind needs some entertainment. This entertainment will make you spanking new because good sense of entertaining is important and it has high capacity to make the people jovial. The factor of entertainment is variable because it depends on the mode and nature of people so all the entertaining methods don’t provide mind blowing happiness. It is the duty of the people to select the right set of entertainment for them according to their mode and nature so it will be better for you if you don’t want to be bothered.

There are many kinds of entertainment in our country. We can entertain ourselves though music& arts, sports, reading novels, gossiping, browsing, fishing, swimming, picnic, travelling etc.

In present times there are some famous entertainments in our country. Such as playing cricket, we can also include ipl,bpl. Football, badminton, kabadi, basketball, chess, travelling, hiking, etc. We can also say about Facebook. It is a famous social networking site among youngsters.

We can recall some past entertainment of our country. Such as enjoying Bangla cinema at cinema hall, listening radio, fishing at ponds or big cannel, hunting etc. Unfortunately some are not popular in present days. But in those are the most desirable entertainment programs in our country.

Entertainments affects in our culture in many ways. Often in our country people spend their leisure time through entertainment. Television is also a big part of our entertainment. It contributes to change our culture. Now day’s children are attracted at computer games. As with other modes of entertainment technology, the social effects of prolonged computer use soon became a public concern. It was feared that, for some children, computers interfered with the development of real peer friendships. Like television, computer games were also accused of leading to increased rates of obesity and of encouraging violent behavior in children.

There is lack of good entertainment in our country. There is no good technology in our country. So we can not make good movies & drama. As a result we are lag behind from other country. So that our people switching to western culture.

Our entertainment has a very good opportunity in future. Only if you accept that society IS being ruined and that there is empirical evidence to prove that the ruin is caused by entertainment. Until then, it could be anybody's opinion. New research by Comet predicts that in less than ten years viewing the world through rose tinted spectacles will have a whole new meaning. Futurologists predict that lightweight spectacles and contact lenses that superimpose a more exciting and interesting reality onto your retina could become available. Wearing 3D glasses to watch television and films are already widely accessible. 2015 – TV, computer, and phone converge into a wall-size, interactive, 3D screen, delivering entertainment and information tailored to our wishes. When idle, it displays beach, forest, or other scenes so real, we think we are there.2020 – Nano-size electronics inside “active contact lenses” receives TV, video games, Internet, and phone calls; and displays images directly onto the retina. Tune program with pocket keyboard initially; later with thought control. Watch TV; browse the web, or video-phone a friend; all with eyes open or closed.2030 – Microscope-size nanobots communicate with the brain creating simulated realities indistinguishable from the real world. Download a program like “Star Trek Holodeck” and dive into the action. Any scene your mind imagines becomes real for you. Re-live when you first met your mate, or create a reunion with family members. Your imagination becomes reality. Change and end program with voice control.2040 – Author Raymond Kurzweil believes human and machine intelligence will meld. We can “re-create the world” and enter environments as amazing as in “The Matrix” movie.

Different people express their opinion in their own way:

Israt Jahan: We have to create more open spaces for parks, fields etc. Where people of all ages can go and pass their time close to their home.

Hunsa Ara: To live naturally, to live as a normal human being, we can expect more new interesting offerings or elements, ultimately which can break our machine life and make us lively.

Qazi Quamrul hasan: Do anything you like but follow your heart and conscious.

At last we can say at conclusion that entertainment is a part & parcel of our daily life. We should look for hygienic entertainment for our young generation. Otherwise our culture will go through darkness. Our government & society should take proper steps to launch innovative entertainment.…...

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