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Why Schultz tuned out and sold out the Sonics


The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Seattle Supersonics and WNBA’s Seattle Storm franchises were recently sold to an investor group based in Oklahoma City. This transaction has caused a public relations nightmare for the Supersonics and its fans do not approve of the sale. The Supersonics franchise was established in 1967 and has been a staple of the NBA since. Howard Shultz, owner of Starbucks, became frustrated with the Sonics’ recent on court performances as the team struggled this past season with a 35-47 record and missing the playoffs. As an entrepreneur, Schultz was determined to turn the Supersonics back into the winning team that its fans were accustomed to watching. The downfall of the Sonics perhaps started when franchise superstar Gary Payton was traded along with Desmond Mason to the Milwaukee Bucks for rising star Ray Allen. When the trade had transpired, the Supersonic fans were not happy with the trade and the Sonics were faced with a huge public relations debacle. Good public relations are essential to any business firm to its share holders and the general public. In the Supersonics situation, having to deal with countless media and questions to why the franchise traded its signature player to when many of its fans believed that Payton was to finish his career as a Supersonic. Despite fan reaction, Schultz was determined to keep the Supersonics a competitive team and became bitter when the city and its governors rejected a financial plan to help fund a new arena for the Supersonics.


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