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Tammy Washington
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July 25, 2012

Annotated Reference List
Hill, Kimberly A. (2012). The Real World Start Here. Educational Leadership; April2012, Vol. 69 Issue 7, p78-80, 3p Item: 75242232 Doctoral candidate at George Washington University in Washington, DC; 240-320-4810; Retrieved from This article researched the emergence of vocational learning and traditional academic readiness for college because the attendance for these programs was at an all-time low. (Hill, 2012). The article sparked my interest because it touched on the need to incorporate vocational learning with traditional academic readiness. This article is scholarly because it took a problem and solved it by researching the problem, and then solving it scientifically.
Mokher, Christine. (2011). Aligning Career and Technical Education with High-Wage and High-Demand Occupations in Tennessee. Summary. Issues & Answers. (REL 2011-No. 111). Alexandria, VA: Regional Educational Laboratory Appalachia. (ED 522341) This article researched the need for in demand jobs with that of curriculum standards in public education. A key finding was that 92 percent of Tennessee graduates were enrolled in a school that offered trade and industrial education. (Mokher, 2011). This article is peer reviewed, and therefore it is scholarly.
Journell, W., & Dressman, M. (2011). Using Videoconferences to Diversify Classrooms Electronically. Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, v84 n3 p109-113 2011. Retrieved from Connect with people from thousands of miles away by a computer with the use of real-time viewing while exchanging ideals, methods, and cultures is ground breaking for middle & secondary schools.(Journell, 2011). This article is peer review and scholarly. I liked this report.…...

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