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The School board changed the breakfast and lunch programs to help improve nutrition and health of our children. The changes so far seem to be for the best of all the children. There are four major issue dealing with the changes are, economic situations, Health of population being served, process, and the benefits of the program.
One of the four major issues is economic situation. The federal government will add six more cents to each lunch to make it meet the new standards. New standards took effect in 2011 for schools breakfast and lunch programs. Also parents are in charge of what their children eat, but kids are in the care of the school a good portion of their life too. From my research on this program, children receive up to half there calories at school in form of school breakfast, lunches, and snacks.( Crawford, 2011) Also with the economic downturn we have been in advocates have proposed some changes, which makes more children eligible for free or assistants on meal prices. Meanwhile, meal providers are having issues with covering program costs. Improving the quality of meals for children is essential, but the hard part is getting the students on board with all the health good food and not all the greasy unhealthy foods.
Second issue is the heath of the population being served. There are about 25 million kids that are obese and/or overweight. Obesity rates have skyrocketed by 300% over the last 30 years. (Crawford, 2011) An analysis in 2005 found that children today may lead shorter lives by two to five years than their parents because of obesity. (Hellmich, 2011) In 2008, 31 million children were fed under the new lunch program. In this society, the most common health problems in children are obesity, overweight, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
There is also a process involved in this program. This program required change to…...

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