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The Kudzu Vine was introduced to America in 1876, as part of a gift from the Japanese. Since then, the Kudzu Vine has traveled roughly 150 thousand acres since its introduction to the States. This is a major problem because the Kudzu plant takes over the ground, and competes against other plants for sunlight, driving them out. Luckily enough, there are many different uses for the Kudzu plant, unlike the common dandelion.
Firstly, the Kudzu plant can be used as animal feed. Secondly, the Kudzu plant can be used as fertilizer. It can also be used as food, and most importantly, scientists believe that the plant could be used to treat multiple illnesses, as well as alcoholism and depression. The plant has a large supply of isoflavones, and neurotransmitters. Some doctors say that it might even be a cure for cancer.
There are many ways to get rid of the Kudzu plant. First, there’s burning them, which can be said true of nearly anything you have an abundance of. Then, there’s grazing, letting animals eat the plant. This is the method currently being used in parts of the Southern United States. There’s also removing the crowns, which is the flower on top of the plant that has all of the vines coming out. Mowing close to the ground regularly is also a proven weapon against the Kudzu plant. Herbicide has been used for a while, but is harmful for the environment, so it’s not being used much anymore. Finally, there is a specific kind of mold that eats up the Kudzu plant, killing it slowly as it devours it’s way to the root.
The Kudzu Vine has the potential to be a devastating plant. But, we are working our hardest to turn it from a common weed, to a medical plant that could save millions of lives.…...

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