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The prototype that we built is a library management system. This library management system manages and stores all the data that is needed for the library to fully function. With the system, librarians can add track the books owned, orders made and the fines that are paid by the end users. A library management system is usually backed by a relational database management system and has graphical user interfaces (GUI) to help the librarian perform routine tasks in a simpler, intuitive way.

Explanation of Prototype
The library management system we built has several functionalities. One of it is to add new members (Member table) into the library system, every time they register as a member. With the privilege of being a member of the system, the member will be able to borrow books from the library.

For each Book borrowed, a Transaction will be added into the System to keep track of the member’s return date, flagging the member if the book is returned late. Once flagged, the member will have to pay RM1 for every one day after the due date.

For each Book, they will be placed in a specific Location, based on a book category. A Location, which means a section in the library, can have many Books.

The library management system also keeps track of the library’s Suppliers. These Suppliers can supply many Books to the library. This data is useful for the library to know where specific Books come from, in case of refunds and future purchases.

Field Name | Data Type | Description | Field Properties | BillingID (Primary Key) | Short Text | ID number of each Billing | Field Size: 6Default Value: “BL”Validation Rule: LIKE “BL#*”Validation Text: Billing ID must start with “BL” followed by numbers | MemberID (Foreign Key) | Short Text | ID number of Member in charge of settling the Billing | Lookup Row Source: Member | FineAmount |…...

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