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Resident Assistant

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Resident Assistant

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our beautiful campus here at Southern Maine

Community College. Here at Southern Maine Community College we have one collective goal:

“to empower students to a changing world and to enhance the cultural development in Maine”.

Together we will work to accomplish this common goal and also to assist you in fulfilling your

personal aspirations.

SMCC offers many opportunities to help you reach your full potential during your

academic college career, through both academic and social development. On campus, there are

a wide variety of clubs and organizations which help to establish a sense of community within

the student body and establish a connection to the campus. A few groups include business,

Enactus, gaming, cosplay and political science club. More information is available at the CESIL

office in the student center.

Moreover for academic success tutoring is available in the learning commons seven

days a week which is located on the second floor in the student center. The tutoring center is

open seven days a week and can help you with a variety of subjects. At the convenience of the

student body if the Learning Commons does not have a tutor for your subject matter you can

request for one to be hired. The Learning Commons also provides tutoring online 24/7 online

through Smart thinking.

. I started my academic career at SMCC the fall semester

of 2013. I am a Business Administration major. I love to learn new things and enjoy listening to

others. I am genuinely interested in people’s stories, background and interest. As a friend I

hope to be empowering and motivating. In my life and academic career I am passionate,

organized, consistent and proactive.

In my spare time I love to workout, swim, kayak, listen to music, go on road trips, and…...

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