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Report Very Basic Outline & Suggestions

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Report Very Basic Outline & Suggestions

Problem Statement

In this case there may be more than one perspective on the primary problem. While you do need to be concise and clear in your problem statement, you may also find it useful to think about and articulate problems from different perspectives. However, not the perspective of the Chinese government – that can be discussed in the Situation Analysis.

Situation Analysis

This should not be a summary of the case, and you do not need to do a SWOT (but you can if you find it very useful). In the situation analysis, think about the specific categories of information, related to specific stakeholders, that relate to and are important to understanding the problem(s) identified in the problem statement. Organize your situation analysis accordingly. Here is where you would likely bring in much of your additional research.

Decision Criteria

If there is more that one particular problem, there will likely be more than one set of decision criteria, although many of the criteria may overlap, or at least be synergistic. Think about the best way to organize this. When you present criteria, please include: clear concise labeled for the criteria, brief explanation as to why each criteria, how to assess (measure) the criteria, and what the optimal solution would look like.

Alternative Options

For this case, we are assuming that Cisco wants develop their Chinese market more fully. As such, there are two basic options: pursue Sunbird or do not pursue Sunbird. However, your presentation of options would not stop there. If they do develop Sunbird, whom should they sell it to? How? Possibly there are more than one sub-options here. You recommend that they do not pursue Sunbird, then what should they do to enhance access/sales to the Chinese market? Again, there may be more than one option for this.…...

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