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Report on Ways in Which School Prepares You for the World Outside

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Report on the ways in which school prepares us, the students, for the world outside


This report is about the ways in which our school prepares us, the students, for the world outside of school. I have researched this by asking numerous students of their opinions, and also by asking some of the teachers how they try to prepare students for their later lives. I also gave teachers an opinion poll where they selected how much they did/did not agree with statements made.


* From asking the opinions of students of how well school prepares them for later life, I have found that the general view is that school does not prepare you for later life on the whole and that it only prepares you for work life and teaches you nothing about other crucial elements of life, such as managing money. * Teachers, on the whole as seen from the opinion poll, strongly agree that the current education system, and how it is delivered, prepares you fully for future life. * Some students believe that teachers have the opinion that school fully prepares you for life outside of school because they have not experienced a career like they are teaching their students because they came straight from university and went into working * Despite the general consensus from teachers that the school prepares students for later life fully, some teachers believe that the education system on the whole does not prepare students for life at all because as the students go further through the education system they are given more choices as to what they are doing whereas as soon as they start working, they have no choices in what they do in their job because they are managed by someone else.

Possible Solutions

I think that to combat the problem of students believing that school is only preparing you for work life, it is imperative that a class that teaches students…...

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