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Reading Can Change Our Thoughts and Actions

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Reading is personal opulence, a recommended habit, a need. Reading a chapter of book a day can affects you. Reading the whole book makes difference. As part of human existence, reading is a prerequisite of life. An instruction needs to follow. A device that influence once learning. Reading is all about harvesting ideas to come up with our own thoughts and actions. It is all about perceiving others beliefs and notions in terms of writing to make decisions and reactions. By just reading an Author’s biography, a short fiction book or an electronic means of messages are one’s stimuli to us. We build feedback, encourage others, and establish actions which are the benefits of this learning tool. Reading is the beginning of new innovation to one’s development. In partnership with writing, these instruments of academic lore evolve a young boy into a fine man. Sometimes it’s like a dress being kept on a wardrobe, never use, like a dress being wore yesterday and today, like a dress being wore, washed and ironed. Reading with better purpose makes it better. So why an individual needs to be reading? It’s not only for the growth of knowledge, it is important for everyone to continue the cycle of it because this enhances and improves our communication aptitude. This caters our ability toward making right acceptance to build effective and professional response. This is very essential to influence others through the application of our experience reading such materials. Through it we can better have a sense of what the world is.Thus, changing our lives. No matter what meaning of reading is, the most important thing to consider is we implement wisely the knowledge we acquire from it. Always remember a better reader is not to be called “bookworm”, it is to be an implementer of brilliant action and decision through essentials of…...

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