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Rain Water Harvesting

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In a progressive society the demand of water is continuous.
India has a unique situation it has the highest rainfall and still areas across India don’t find water after monsoon.
In this situation it’s all the more required to recharge the ground water, conserve the soil and increase eco-friendliness.
Rain water harvesting is a simple technique of collection and storage of rain water at the surface or in a sub surface aquifer. (Aquifer: a layer of permeable rock, sand or gravel through which water flows containing enough water to supply wells and springs).
Basically saving the rain water from going inside the sea or waste and saving it artificially to recharge the ground water, increase reservoir levels.
Overcome inadequacy, meet demand of people, arrest declining of ground water level, increasing infiltration of soil, improve ground water, increases vegetation and green.
Aquifer serves distribution system, no land is waste, ground is not exposed to evaporation, storing water under ground is environmentally friendly, increases productivity, mitigates drought, reduces soil erosion.

1. Hydrogeology of the area.
2. Nature and extent of aquifer.
3. Soil covers.
4. Topography depth.
5. Chemical quality of water.
6. PRIME: one of the prime requisite for ground water recharge is basically non-committed surplus rain water runoff.
7. Areas contributing to runoff: Other wise opportunity are
• Area available.
• Land use pattern
• Industrial residential
• Green belt
• Paved areas
• Roof top area.

8. Potential Area:
9. Methods and techniques
NOTE: Please feel free to write to me if you require more details.


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