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Punks with Cockscomb and Full Metal Jackets

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Punks with cockscomb and full metal jackets
My personal opinion on this case is that punks should be allowed to be punks. Each generation have its own style and way to live. You can’t deny the youth to be themselves; this would result in a new generation of country-loving nutcase’s adults. Which I think we already had one generation to many of right?

If you want your guardians to allow you to express in whatever way you want. Ask them, challenge them, torture them until you get an answer how their parents reacted when they found out their children listened to Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors, Led zeppelin and so on.

Their parents would scream shout tear their hair out cry over how their small angel children could be seduced by this devil music. And still your parents as the tiny evil creatures they are sneak away listen to the music they thought fit to them best. There loving helpful careful parents thought they kids had become mentally deranged. When they wore “cool” outfits and listened to “cool” music.

And now maybe you will be allowed to listen to the music you want to listen to ;) Just ask they are not that evil sly monsters you think they are (or at least most of them have a tiny bit of goodness far down into the abyss of their heart).

They might even remember how it was like to be a kid back in the stone ages.

Just a bird that have lost its wings
(Broken down angel by Nazareth)
Red strings of the cotton maze of life.

She stretched after her shoes which lay deep bellow her bed. Her tendons were getting weak and tired so it was a real paint to get them. Just a few more inches now. She though. Her wrinkly arm grabbed her old shoes and pulled them out of the darkness. She had to get down to the weekly reading cult down the street in the old retirement center. She limped her way down the stairs saying: “pfftt I don’t need no nurse to…...

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