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Psychological Effects of Marriage

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Psychological Effects of Marriage
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This paper explores one article on the effects marriage has on individuals that may have been depressed prior to being married. Research is conducted through numerous different couples of different ages, working status, and amount of children in the household. Research for the paper was conducted with the APUS Campus Library Pro Quest database. Studies suggest that either one person in the marriage may not be happy so the theory that people are happier after marriage isn’t true.

Psychological Effects of Marriage Research has been conducted to show that people are happier after getting married if they were once depressed prior to their marriage. Does marriage really propose psychological effects change after getting married? Supporting studies have claimed different because individuals with in marriages are still not happy according to the data collected on the topic. The research could have been conducted more thoroughly to ask a few more supporting questions to see if all individuals are effected the same by marriage. In the article Depression and Psychological Benefits of Entering Marriage the Author states that the studies provided may not actually represent what the study was intended to. Marriage has different effects on all individuals of different ages (Frech and Williams, 2007). Case studies show the difference between people varies depending on the variables of the study. Many supporting factors did prove that a lot of people enter a different psychological state after marriage. Alcohol use and spousal abuse declines after the people have entered marriage. Ultimately even though a case study is conducted I believe it’s not enough supporting information to determine that people are in a better mind state after being married. Marriage can be looked at different by…...

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