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Form 7A, 1A or Schedule “A” (include paragraph number) | DESCRIPTION OF ERROR
(correction not required) | 1 | 1A | Spelling of Vittoria (First name) | 2 | 7A | Spelling of Shepard (Address) | 3 | 7A | Font color on page 3 | 4 | 7A | Passive voice, page 4. Line 1. (Make sure to get the defendant’s name right) | 5 | 7A | Passive voice, page 4, line 4. (If you want interest on money…) | 6 | 7A | Awkward and incomplete sentence, page 4, line 12. (There is a fee.) | 7 | 7A | Inappropriate use of the comma, page 4, line 28. (Have other debts to pay,) | 8 | 7A | Inappropriate use of under case letter, page 4, line 29. (The court may not be able to…) | 9 | Schedule A | Spelling of Darrach, page 1, line 2. | 10 | Schedule A | Comma after defendant, page 1, line 2. | 11 | Schedule A | Passive voice page 1, para 2. (At the time the parties entered…) | 12 | Schedule A | Spelling of Exhibit, page 1, para 2, line 11. | 13 | Schedule A | Spelling of contact, page 1, para 2, line 8. | 14 | Schedule A | Period missing at the end of a sentence, page 1, para 2, line 12 | 15 | Schedule A | Missing year, on page 1, para 3, line 14 | 16 | Schedule A | Spelling of defendant, page 1, para 4, line 16. | 17 | Schedule A | Passive voice page 1, para 4. (On or about September 8, 2014, the plaintiffs…) | 18 | Schedule A | Spelling of ‘on’ as ‘one’, page 1, para 5, line 16. | 19 | Schedule A | Spelling of Sept (incomplete/short version of the month), page 1, para 5, line 23. | 20 | Schedule A | Spelling of plaintiffs, page 2, para 6, line 24. |

Some other miscellaneous errors are here underneath for the Schedule A:

21. Misuse of capitalization in Defendant, page 2, para 7, line 31. 22. Inappropriate tense ‘has’, page 2, para 8, line…...

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