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Procrastination Strategy Paper I find myself putting off important task repeatedly, I am not alone. Many people procrastinate to some degree. According to Psychologists Piers Steel., at the University of Calgary [“95 percent of us report having some type of postponement problem”] (Kirsch, February 2008, p. 3). This type of behavior can lead to disaster and affect our daily lives. The key to controlling this type of habit is to recognize when we start to procrastinate and understand why it happens, then take the steps to overcome it by managing our time. Procrastinating (2002), according to Merriam-Webster's Third New International Dictionary Unabridged [is putting off tasks that need to be done right now, and doing tasks that we are more comfortable doing. We procrastinate because we feel like there is always tomorrow to do it]. Tomorrow normally turns into the next day, then the next day and we find ourselves panicking to complete a task or assignment that we had more than enough time to complete if we would have stuck to a plan. For example, you sit in front of your computer to start your assignment. Read the instructions for the first three minutes then find yourself checking your e-mails and responding to them, thus putting off starting the assignment for a later time. People procrastinate for numerous reasons. Some of the more common reasons they procrastinate are [perfectionism, fear of failure, not having a clear goal, overwhelmed with task, disorganized and lack of self-confidence] (Bagar & Fox, 1986). The reasons mentioned above are [nothing more than excuses, “we procrastinate on things we dislike but rarely put off fun things”] (Hansen, 2002). The truth is we lack the motivation, self-discipline or the decision-making ability to tackle the harder tasks first. We look at our to do list and immediately start on the less…...

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