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Pringles Marketing

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Table of Contents
Introduction pg.2
Methodology pg.3
Overview of Pringles pg.3
 Definition of Product pg.4
 Product Life Cycle pg.5-6
 Branding pg.7
 Packaging pg.8-9
 Importance of Price pg.10
 Pricing Methods pg.10-11
 Methods of Promotion pg.12-14
 Methods of Distribution pg.15-16
Conclusion pg.16
Bibliography pg.17

My name is choco. I am currently studying business at Waterford. As part of my Marketing Practice Module I am required to select a product and analyse the Marketing Mix in relation to the product. The product I have selected is Pringles. I chose to do my project on Pringles as they have a very interesting packaging design and they are one of the leading providers of potatoes crisps.

Firstly I will present an overview of Pringles then I will examine the Marketing Mix used by Pringles. There are four elements of the Marketing Mix, these are, Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

In the product section I will define the Product Life Cycle and determine where Pringles are positioned on the Life Cycle. I will then examine Pringles brand name and the packaging that they use. In the section on price, I will discuss the importance of price and suggest what pricing method I think Pringles adopt. For the promotional section of the Marketing Mix I will examine how Pringles promote and create awareness of their product. Lastly for the section on Place I will investigate the distribution channels used by Pringles.…...

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